thinking of letting your young one have his or her first mobile phone? i am sure the lack of ‘for kids phone’ almost drive you into giving them a smartphone that would be a pinch for your wallet and you won’t have control over what they will be using the phone for. in comes the 1stFone from UK-based OwnFone that fills that void perfectly. at the first glance, the 1stFone may looks like a concept or in the best case, a child’s toy, but it is not. it is an exceedingly simple phone: it comes preprogrammed with up to twelve numbers of your choice, plus an emergency number and in this case, it’s ‘999’ which is the emergency number in the UK (same goes for countries like Singapore). the preassigned numbers are clearly labeled with names, for example ‘Home’ for dialing home and ‘Mummy’ and/or ‘Daddy’ for your child to call you. there’s no dial pad to deal with, which makes sense as kids of that age probably can’t remember your number yet.

despite its simplicity, it is still a full fledge phone which you can call your kid. this 40 grams mobile phone is about the size of a credit card and it is totally personalized for you and have a choice of designs to better appeal to your young ones. unfortunately, as of now, the 1stFone is limited to the UK and Northern Ireland only. the 1stFone, the first mobile phone for your kids, goes for £55 and £70 (roughly about US$85 and US$108) for Pay Monthly plan and Pay As You Go plan, respectively. with the former having an additional monthly subscription starting from £7.50 (around US$12). learn more about the 1stFone HERE.

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1stFone - First Mobile Phone For Your Kids

OwnPhone via Oh Gizmo!

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