Some people has a particular gratification of putting together massive domino structure (not the pizza, mind you) and seeing them crumple to nothing in matter of minutes. YouTuber Hevesh5 is one them and boy, is she good at it. Her latest works, entitled The Amazing Triple Spiral, is an incredibly complex domino structure that took her 25 man-hour (lady-hour?) over a span of 8 days to build, and at the end, it took just a minute and a half for all to crumple to what it was initially: a pile of colorful dominoes. Well, at least she has the video to document her build and destruction as keepsake as she move on to other more challenging projects – domino-based, of course.

What makes this video mesmerizing are three things: It is spiral. It is colorful and it is insanely complex, boasting three layers of dominoes that fell one after another. Perhaps, the most impressive feat was, the second wave of dominoes, which were over the top of the spiral wall dominoes, fell without affecting the level beneath. Now that, my friend, is precision and that’s not something every one can achieve, after all, Hevesh5 is a professional domino artist (yes, it is a job).

Kids, do not try this at home as it would inevitably lead to despair, frustration and possibly, emotional trauma as you see your near-complete work of art destroyed in one fell swoop because one unsteady placement. Definitely not the faint of heart. Keep going for the videos and prepared to be mesmerized.

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And now, in reverse. No. Your admiration for this insane work of art won’t be reversed. You will still be mesmerized, regardless of which direction it goes.

Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

Hevesh5 via Laughing Squid

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