I am sure there’s no shortage of Pokémon-related merchandises, officially-licensed or not, in the market, but also, I am quite sure there’s no Egg Incubator among those merchandises. For the uninitiated, the Egg Incubator is a in-game device that incubates a special egg (duh…) that will only hatch if you walk the required distance (but that’s to the cranky GPS system, sometimes you need walk a less or more than the stipulated distance). Anyways, in case you are a huge fan of the Pokémon GO’s awesome egg incubator, then you probably a ‘real’ egg incubator in your life. But just to clear the air, ‘real-life’ means a prop, a replica of the game’s item which don’t actually hatch any Pokémon eggs, or any other worldly eggs, ostrich’s one included.

note: special effects not included.

Now that we get that potential confusion out of the way, here’s the good news: there’s a way to build one and if you have the knack for DIY-ing, handing of small power tools included, then you are in for a treat cos’ Odin Abbott from AWE’s Prop Shop will teach you how to build one for under 20 bucks. But that’s, of course, provided that you already have the tools and lots of different types of glue which you are going to need. Anyhow, we must say the end product is pretty dope. Though I think it can be further improved upon to have some real world use (not hatching real eggs, though), like rigging up power supply to the LED light as opposed to a battery one and a real-working switch, so that it could be use as a super cool bed side table lamp for your Pokémon-themed room. No, wait. Aren’t you a little too old for that? Never mind, it could be for junior’s.

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Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

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