You know ACME Trading Company? No? Well, let us bring you up to speed. ACME Trading Company makes diecast scale model cars, in addition to selling other brands diecast collectibles. That’s all you need to know, really. Generally, their products and those that they stock are quite reasonably priced. But once in the while, it will dish out some insanely detailed collectibles that are shockingly priced and that “once in the while” happens to be now.

No.32 Jordan 191 Formula 1 Car Scale Model

The company has introduced a new #32 Jordan 191 Formula 1 Car Scale Model, Michael Schumacher’s iconic emerald green racer, as a homage to what known to be “one of the world’s most beautiful racing cars.” Yup. It is gorgeous, alright. Hell, the Formula 1 cars from the 90s were all handsome machines until Formula 1 decided to screw them up since 2000.

No.32 Jordan 191 Formula 1 Car Scale Model

If you don’t already know, #32 Jordan 191 Formula 1 Car in the striking emerald green racing color was the then 22-year-old Schumi’s machine in his 1991 Formula One racing debut. However, he wasn’t the only race car driver with an illustrious career who had driven it; Bertrand Gachot, Roberto Moreno, and Alex Zanardi, all had one point taken the helm of the #32 Jordan 191.

No.32 Jordan 191 Formula 1 Car Scale Model

But for Schumi, it was special. It was his debut at 1991 Belgian Gran Prix at Spa which he qualified seventh on the grid. Quite a feat for someone who was new to the F1 racing scene. Most importantly, it was the car that kick started his career.

Here’s a brief of the actual car:

“Designed by Gary Anderson and constructed by Jordan Grand Prix, the 191 featured a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, double wishbone suspension, and a Cosworth-Ford HB V-8 engine.”

And here’s the details you need to know about this collectible:

No.32 Jordan 191 Formula 1 Car Scale Model

“Standing on a 24” x 14” base with a serialized metal name plate, the handcrafted model is designed in resin. Vibrantly painted in the car’s iconic electric blue and green colors, ACME Trading goes to the greatest lengths to ensure that every limited-edition model includes gorgeously detailed features, including exquisitely designed bodywork, a fully rendered cockpit complete with cloth seatbelts, intricate suspension detailing, a stunningly sculpted body, and rubber tires. The Jordan #32 is set in a beautiful display cover, and is sure to become the perfect addition to any model collector or Formula One fans’ collection.”

As with all things of such nature (exquisite details), the #32 Jordan 191 Formula 1 Car Scale Model does not come cheap. In fact, it is far from affordable. If you want one, then be prepare to dole out $4,495.95 for a unit. There! I said it. It is nearly $5K for a scale model. You ought to be super fan with some pretty solid wealth to want to take the plunge. In case you do, you may want to act soon because, there are only 99 units to go around.

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At this price, it probably won’t fly off the shelves, but then again, there are fair number of F1 super fan who has been catching the races in their private boxes all these while and so… in any case, it is still a fraction of the price of an actual Formula 1 race car and less than half of what the Amalgam Fine Model Cars’ 1/8 scale McLaren P1.

All images courtesy of ACME Trading Company.

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