You’re determined to get out of uni and into a good job that will pay off for the rest of your life. Your plan is to hit the books hard, get involved with activities and do an internship or two. The only problem is that the party scene at your university is legendary and TBH, hard to say no to. If you are going to join in the fun, how do you keep from going too far down the party rabbit hole and still sticking to your objectives?

This article has you in mind so read on for the tips it takes to have fun without having too much.

Get It Out Of Your System Early
Everybody knows that you’re not going to be successful at not partying at all. So, the best thing is to go overboard early on so you can then focus on the real reason you’re at uni.

Let it all out during freshers week and then when it’s over try to stay on track. Party hard, learn your limits and then when classes start you don’t feel tempted to recreate that the very next weekend.

Have A Way To Leave Early
You’re going to be out with your friends and alcohol will be a big part of the night out. There’s nothing wrong with that. Unless you stay out too long.

Have a ready way to leave when you need to. Don’t take a ride with a friend that you’ll need to depend on to get you home in time to get to bed.

Make sure you have the money for a taxi home if you do hitch a ride with friends. Either that or suggest a place to meet that is on a public transportation line.

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Get Enough Rest
You can’t totally avoid the party scene. Try to plan things for when you have a late class so you don’t have to be up first thing in the morning.

And, when you do overdo it drinking, make sure you can wake up refreshed and ready to go. Try taking some anti-hangover cures that will help you rebound faster then if you took nothing.

Have Some Support
If you know you’re going to be easily tempted by a night out, then make sure you have somebody to help remove that temptation with you.

Have people on your side that are also looking to take the university life seriously. Somebody that will hold you accountable. That way when you say that you’re going out they can convince you to do that thing you had said needed to be done instead.

Have A Social Circle That Enjoys Other Things
There are going to be plenty of people in your uni that don’t enjoy going out drinking. Seek them out and become friends with them. Maybe you all love movies. Then you can plan a movie night instead.

Board games are another way to be social with no drinking involved. It can even help you study better by playing board games with friends.

There are so many ways to get by in university, study well and still have a lot of fun without overdoing it.

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