7 Hobbies You Should Consider For Unwinding After School

College life can be overwhelming. You constantly have to balance school and personal life. It’s easy to get lost trying to remain sane and on track with everything around you.

7 Hobbies You Should Consider For Unwinding After School
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In such demanding moments, depression, stress, or anxiety can creep in. Stress causes demotivation and loss of concentration in class. Thus, finding a hobby that can help you relax or recharge your mind after school is an excellent way to keep a positive mood.

Besides relieving stress, hobbies can help boost your resume during job applications. However, you should ensure you use a paper writing service to free up time to enjoy new hobbies. They’re a great alternative to spending all your time focused on coursework.

Here are some of the best hobbies for college students to recharge after school:

1.   Sports

Playing soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and hockey can be a great way to unwind after school. These activities engage your body and mind, helping you exercise and have fun with friends. Colleges have clubs for students interested in sports. Join these clubs in your school and engage in sports after classes to recharge.

For starters, you don’t have to know everything about the sport you’re interested in. You’ll learn more as you play. Besides, joining a sports club can help you make new friends and build strong connections.

2.   Journaling

Coping with college life can be hard with all the assignments and regular exams. Maybe you’re juggling a part-time job alongside studies or trying to find an apartment for the next semester. If you’re looking for a way to manage the stress of being a college student, journaling could be your ideal hobby.

Journaling is a self-care activity that involves writing down your emotions, thoughts, and feelings.  You only need a notebook and a pen to journal. Remember to write about everything, don’t limit yourself. You can also add visuals when you cannot express your feelings in writing.

But journaling doesn’t only mean writing when you feel sad, depressed, or anxious. It also involves writing about happy moments, events, gratitude, and goals. Journaling promotes emotional well-being by relieving sadness, anxiety, and depression. It lets you track your goals, achievements, and daily activities.

Here are the main journal types to try out after school:

●      Gratitude Journal

●      Mental Health Journal

●      Travel Journal

●      Dream Journal

●      Art journal

●      Food Journal

●      Meditation Journal

●      Reflective Journal

3.   Walking and Cycling

7 Hobbies You Should Consider For Unwinding After School
Photo by Olia 💙💛 Gozha on Unsplash.

If you want an outdoor activity to break the indoor monotony, consider walking or cycling daily or on the weekends.

Walking is a low-impact body exercise that has many health benefits. It engages body muscles that keep you fit and help you lose weight. Walking also relieves stress by coordinating your body and mind, creating a positive mood.

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The best part about walking is that you don’t need to buy equipment. Furthermore, you can walk anywhere in your school, nearest park, hill, or other landmarks. Pair up with your best friend or roommate to make walking more enjoyable.

If you prefer cycling to walking, do it around your school or neighborhood. Like strolling, cycling involves body movements and will help relax your mind, boosting your mood. Start by renting a bike for a few hours before buying one. If you live far from school, you can cycle to campus instead of taking a bus. 

4.   Baking and Cooking

Cooking and baking can be excellent hobbies to help relieve stress and anxiety. In addition, baking boosts your creativity. Cooking for yourself also saves you cash as opposed to ordering food. Not to mention, sharing your cooked meals with friends strengthens your social ties. Look for recipes online on YouTube, blogs, or Pinterest and try them out.

5.   Learning a New Language

Learning a second language, such as German, French, or Spanish, provides an excellent opportunity to recharge after classes.  Learning a second language exercises your brain and boosts your memory.  It also strengthens your resume, as being bilingual can make your application stand out during a job search.

Most colleges in the US have programs that teach a second language. Check if your school has one, and start learning a new language after classes. Language teaching websites or apps like Duolingo can be a great place for self-education.

6.   Writing

Writing is another hobby that can help you unwind as a college student.  Like journaling, writing allows you to express your thoughts and imagination. You can write in your book or use digital notepads on your computer. You can write short novels, children’s stories, non-fiction,  poems, essays, and fiction.

If you want a more strategic form of writing, try writing blog posts about a specific topic and uploading them to your website. While you can start it off as a hobby, a blog can turn into a good income source for you as a college student.

7.   Vlogging

Vlogging is a popular content creation method suitable for college students. If you love creating videos and standing in front of a camera, you can vlog part-time to recharge after school.  Things to vlog about include college life, lifestyle, travel, cooking, music, or other issues you’re passionate about.

You don’t need a fancy camera to record your videos. Your phone camera is enough to get you started. You can invest in equipment such as a ring light and microphone later on if you enjoy vlogging. While vlogging can begin as a hobby, it has the potential to generate income down the road if you build a large audience.


Being a college student comes with responsibilities and challenges. Understandably, you can easily get stressed or depressed. Hobbies such as walking, cycling, or journaling are suitable ways to recharge. A hobby can also help you learn a new skill or build up your resume. If you have extra time after school, pick a new hobby.

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