Anker Unveiled New Nebula Soundbar With Amazon Fire TV Integration For $230

Sound bar, streaming media player, set top box, and more are just cluttering up your TV console, aren’t they? But with the Nebula Soundbar Fire TV Edition you’d be getting rid of at least one of them.

Amazon Fire TV

we are all familiar with smartphones. now imagine a smartphone squeezed into a flat, black box with no display and no buttons, now that’s what the Amazon Fire TV is. set top is not the newest thing on planet earth, but the Amazon Fire TV wants to expand your couch potato universe further by letting you play popular…

Amazon Introduces More Powerful Fire TV Stick And Fire TV Stick Lite, The Cheapest Fire TV Ever

Streaming media player is one of the best thing to happen in home entertainment. However, if you prefer not to have yet another set top box filling up the TV console, a stick streaming media player is the way to go.

Amazon’s New Fire TV Stick And Fire TV With Voice Remote

The future of gadgets, as it seems, would rely mostly on voice control. Perhaps we are getting lazier which makes hand or fingers movement deem too much of an exertion. Perhaps. Whatever the the reason might be, voice command is the future. Apple’s new Apple TV, which was introduced last September, has voice-enabled remote and …

Amazon Goes Head-to-Head with Chromecast and Roku with Fire TV Stick Streaming Media Player

In case you’re wondering about the post title… no, we didn’t make it up. The fact that the new Amazon Fire TV Stick‘s press text kicks off with a statement like “powerful hardware – dual-core processor, 2x the memory of Chromecast…” and makes reference to having 32x more storage than the Roku Streaming Stick, it …

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Is On And Here Are Some Gadgets Going At Really Good Prices

This is it. Amazon Prime members, get ready your wallet because Prime Day 2022 is officially ON. TBH, I wasn’t prepared for it and my wallet is protesting. However, if you have the financial muscle to flex and you are a Prime member, the next 40 hours or so is your chance to pick up …

4th Generation Amazon Echo Is A Spherical Speaker With Dolby Stereo Sound

Another year, another Amazon Echo, but this year, the Echo is completely redesigned. The 4th Generation Echo now comes as a spherical speaker that promised better audio performance, delivered through a 3.0-inch woofer, dual-firing tweeters, and Dolby processing technology.