There are several ways to heat your home. One way is by using a boiler. The common materials used to heat up space are fossil fuel or coal, but a boiler uses water to produce heat.

If you own one, you should be aware of the possible problems you might encounter. Leaks would probably be something that you will experience with it. There can be a lot of reasons behind this problem. You should be aware of these to be able to know how to fix your boiler.


The boiler needs to heat water to be able to produce energy. If you observed that water is coming out of the tank, it might be because the water is too hot. The tank has a control valve to prevent the water from overheating. You will be able to monitor the temperature with that.

Keep in mind that you must handle it with caution when high temperatures cause leaks. The water will be almost boiling, which can cause burns or worse injuries.

High Water Pressure

A Leaking Boiler and It’s Possible Causes

Even boilers break when they are stressed. If you see water dripping from boiler, the possible reason is that there is too much pressure. It is a way for the tank to release water and avoid breaking down.

Water pressure depends on the amount of water inside the tank. Aside from a temperature control valve, boilers also have one for pressure. The right amount of pressure would be between 1 to 2.

Broken Pipes, Loose Joints, And Broken Seals

A Leaking Boiler and It’s Possible Causes

Since boilers use water, the pipes are susceptible to corrosion. When the pipes are corroded, they will be weakened, causing water to come out. Beware that the corrosion can spread to the whole unit and might become not repairable.

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Check the joints. The heat causes the pipes to expand, and then they will narrow down when it is cooled. This action will loosen the joints eventually. You will need to retighten them from time to time.

The pump is what sends the hot water from the boiler to flow into your home. So imagine when the seal is broken, the water would be flowing out. You have to reseal it or even replace it if needed.

Old Age

You also need to consider how old the boiler is. The leaks could be caused by wear and tear. It is natural for the machine to deteriorate and have leaks because it is too old. You can still opt to repair it. However, it is a wiser option to get a new one which will be more efficient.

Bad Installation

If your boiler is still new but is already leaking, then that is not normal. The most likely reason behind it is poor installation. Maybe the pipes were not the right fit. Make sure you get a professional that will give high-quality service to avoid this.

Whenever you have a leaking boiler, it is best to fix it as soon as possible. Do not wait and let the situation worsen. Leaving it unattended can result in molds and rust.

Knowing the possible causes behind the leaks will help you in repairing them. Most of it can be solved by an easy fix. Always conduct regular check-ups on your boiler to be aware of any leaks and see if it needs any repairs.

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