if… Pen Single Motion Activation Titanium Pen

Tech and style are not the only things this blog look out for. Uniqueness, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, oddity, is also something that intrigues us and such is what the if… Pen (yup, that’s the product’s name) has. But in the case of if… Pen, it is unique. How so? The ballpoint is activated not by your usual click or twisting action, and certainly no need for uncapping; it uses an original and unique mechanism called Single Motion Activation where a squeeze of the pen’s body activates the ballpoint. The squeezing action retracts an integrated cap protecting the ballpoint. So, the ballpoint does not shoot out as one might have imagined. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Apart from that, if… Pen sports a couple industry’s first too, including one-piece injection molded titanium barrel with a robust pocket clip that closes when in writing mode and a quick “clip to fit” refill insertion that negates the need for disassembly. Aesthetically, the pen is, if we may describe it, pretty breathtaking and high-tech looking, though it is by no means a high-tech tool. It is just the good’ol pen that weighs heavy on style and uniqueness. As for the refill, if… Pen accepts any standard Parker-style G2 refill. if… Pen Single Motion Activation Titanium Pen, which is available in a choice of satin titanium or raw sintered titanium, is not yet a reality.

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Dave Colliver, the man behind if… Pen, is looking to raise $65K on Kickstarter to take this uber cool pen to production. You can show your love for if… Pen by pre-ordering it for $89-99 AUD (around US$68-76). As always, whether you will see this baby come January 2017 depends on the outcome of the crowdfunding campaign.

All images courtesy of Dave Colliver.

submitted via TIP US page.