Ironically, the second most visited page on most websites is also the one most often treated as an afterthought by merchants. This is truly unfortunate, because the ‘About Us’ page represents a beautiful opportunity to humanize your business and your site, while also introducing the people who make it go to potential customers. For the vast majority of new visitors to your site, that page will be among their earliest impressions of your dealings.

About Us Page Best Practices

With that in mind, these ‘About Us’ best practices will ensure you’ll start off with your best foot forward.

Speak to the Readers’ Needs
Your ‘About Us’ page should always open with the story of why you’re in business. However, keep in mind, everyone approaching your site is typically wondering what’s in it for him or her. Therefore it only makes good sense to craft your About Us page from that perspective.

Let’s say you’re running a store to sell eBooks online. You could begin with something like: “To help you find books you’ll enjoy easily and quickly, we’ve—“. Then proceed to tell your story. Make sure it covers who you are, how you do your thing and why you’re different. While it may feel somewhat boastful, the facts are the facts.

Be careful to compose your language so it has personality, but doesn’t come across as egocentric. And again, the story should always be told in terms of how your qualities benefit the reader.

Instill Trust with Testimonials and Contact Information
Word of mouth is, without a doubt, the best form of advertising. Let your customers speak to how wonderful you are. New visitors to your site will find that information far more credible than if you simply went on and on about how cool you are.

Awards are another form of testimonial. If you’ve got a case full, run a photograph of them and talk about how you won them. Ideally these will be customer-focused awards and you will describe them in terms of how your patrons benefit.

Put yourself at your customers’ keyboards for a moment. Would you be more likely to trust someone who tells you where they are, how to get in touch with them and includes a photograph of them? This is why it’s important to include that information on your About Us page.

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Include links to all of your social media presences as well.

Pictures Tell Stories Too
To answer the question posed by pop star Rod Stewart: yes, every picture does tell a story. What’s more, moving pictures tell that story even better.

An ‘About Us’ page with nothing but blocks of copy on it will be a turn-off when users land on it. Meanwhile running pictures represents an outstanding opportunity to demonstrate your personality and company culture firsthand.

Think slice of life though, rather than portraits of the team. Run photos of your staff having fun—if yours is a lighthearted business. If it’s serious business, show them engaged in serious activities. Whatever you demeanor, the images you post should be a direct reflection of the way you want to be perceived.

Include a Call to Action
Remember, your website exists for one reason and one reason only—to generate leads you can convert into sales. Therefore, every page on your site should always be closing—and especially the ‘About Us’ page. However, in this case, rather than asking for a sale, it should be asking the visitor to become more engaged with your site and by extension—your company.

Tell them about your newsletter and invite them to sign up for it. Inform them of your social media pages and encourage them to like and follow you. Extol the virtues of your blog and urge them to go check it out. If one page on your site is noted for generating a lot of sales, invite them to go there first.

These ‘About Us’ page best practices will tell your customer why you’re their best bet when it comes to satisfying their needs, instill trust in them and help you get them more engaged. Nail it and your conversion rate will improve significantly.

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