For some people, it is the end of the day and for some, it is a beginning of a new day, but whatever time it is, this video of a sheep bouncing on a trampoline will guarantee to make any day, beginning or end, a good one. We all know how sheep loves to jump and so, I can only imagine the exhilaration of this fluffy animal when it knew it could do so without actually running.

It must be a dream come true for the sheep. Looking at the video on how it reacted to the trampoline, it must thinking “what sort of wizardry is this?” “Hell with the wizardry. I am loving it!” No doubt, it appeared to be enjoying it, like a lot. A couple of kids on an ATV zooming around the trampoline does even seem to bother this adorable animal at all.

Not a single bit. I guess I have to agree that the statement “we hope someday we can love something as much as this sheep loves bouncing on a trampoline.” Simple joy. Ahhh… I must have forgotten about it. Now, what’s my take of simple joy again? Heck. I never knew. This rat race and the mission to try to stay afloat has really mess up my life real good. Anyways, go ahead and savor this video. We hope it will usher in a good day for you, or at least, make your day a little less miserable.

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Images: YouTube.

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