With so many fake news, including those covering monsters (Yeti, Sasquatch, Loch Ness), you’d be skeptical when another popped up on the Internet. Rest assure though, this creepy sea creature that was found washed ashore in Kien Giang province in southern Vietnam on July 29 is not a fake video. And yes, it is a creature alright. It was alive and kicking, stretching and moving its myriad of tree branch-like tentacles when it was placed on a table in a home.

The bizarre sea creature was picked up by a local tour guide when he found it stranded on the seaside. It has a dark brownish appearance and looks like part of a fallen tree. Except that since it was believe to be sea creature, it actually look more like a coral. There’s nothing unsettling about it if it does not move, but the sight of the hundreds of tree branch-like tentacles twisting and turning will make most people a little squeamish. At least, it does give me the creep.

As expected, a drove of residents came to have a look with one commenting that “it’s a monster. One day it will come back out of the ocean. It’ll be ten times bigger.” Well, I guess that resident might be right because, that marine lifeforms there appeared to be the basket starfish which can grow up to 3 feet in size. OK. It will not grow “ten times bigger” but it will definitely grow bigger than what it was when the residents Kien Giang province saw. After all, if this is a basket starfish, it would have 35 years to continue growing before it reach its end of the life cycle.

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Anywho, clearly, the residents were disturbed by this strange sea animal and wants nothing to do with it. It was subsequently let back into the ocean. And if it is indeed the basket star, then it safe to say that it will not return, as it is deep sea inhabitant. God knows how it ended up on the surface and on the shore. Perhaps, it was just a case of a naughty, juvenile basket star wanting to explore the world up there? Or maybe it was attracted by a young prince on the land? No, wait. That’s a different story and an entirely different living thing.

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