Despite the fact that they have zero articulation and only come in mono color, the classic green army men toys are somewhat of an icon in our pop culture. The popularity of green army men toys were probably fueled by the wars that involved the United States. These days of relative peace and sophistication in general, the lack of interest for these classic toys is understandable. Anywho, whether you belong to the generation who outgrew the classics and look to modern pop culture like skateboarding, or you belong to the younger generations, we think AJ’s Toy Boarders collection of skateboarder figures could be the green army men toys for the today’s you.

The figures are styled like the classic green army men toys, but there’s no army fatigue or weapon, it is just the riders and their skateboards (and more polished, of course). In any case, it is better to make love and not wars, right? No! Not Barbie and Ken kind of love! The love for humanity, or maybe just love for skateboarding, or simply the love for cool stuff. Toy Boarders Skateboarder Figurines are available through AJ’s Toy Boarders and Vat19 in a choice 24 riders per bag, or a bucket of 48, priced at $5.95 and $12.99, respectively. Keep going for the poses.

AJ’s Toy Boarders Skateboarder Figurines

via Laughing Squid

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