Everyone knows former Mythbusters Host Grant Imahara has the knack for building things. Recently, the robot builder, model maker, and familiar face of Discovery’s Mythbusters revealed that he had built an animatronic Baby Yoda (officially, ‘The Child’ as he is not Yoda) from The Mandalorian.

Animatronic Baby Yoda Grant Imahara

The project started in December 2019 and it took three months to complete. At the time of his Instagram post, Grant’s animatronic Baby Yoda was running a continuous sequence, but there is plan to enable it to execute specific moods and reactions, along with addition of sound effects.

This ambitiously adorable project was made possible with the help of @saltiesthime, who was responsible for the silicone skin, painting and hand-punched hair, and @misslindayxoxo, who provide the coat and jumpsuit, and Project 842 for the digital model as the blueprint of this build.

The Child want no chicken nugget?

I know what some may be thinking. Didn’t Hasbro have an animatronic Baby Yoda too? Well, that is true. So lets just say that Grant beat Hasbro to the market. But no, Grant’s latest creation isn’t for sale. It has a more admirable intent. It is a not-for-profit endeavor. Grant and his team will be bringing the animatronic Baby Yoda on a tour of children’s hospitals starting in April, 2020.

Images: Instagram (@grantimahara).

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Source: Laughing Squid.

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