pressurized water is something outdoor enthusiasts yearned for while average joe like us take for granted. having pressurized water source while out in wild offers lots of conveniences like ease of washing cookware, getting rid of mud of your feet et cetera. sure, you could use a regular water bottle, but that’s going to take lots of water which means unnecessary water wastage. with the AQUABOT Portable Pressurized Running Water you can now have pressurized water when you are out in the field. AQUABOT is basically an attachment designed as a direct replacement for 63 mm wide-mouth water bottles such as the Camelbak and Nalgene. all you have to do is to replace the stock cover or cap, pump up the AQUABOT and you pretty much all set.

the nozzle is adjustable (think garden hose) to allow for stream, mist or show pattern, and activating is just a press of the trigger. it is really that simple. we are not going to lie to you; the idea of having pressurized water when we are out and about is pretty attractive to us. heck. sometimes we don’t even get that kind of pressure from public faucets and so the AQUABOT seems like the answer to our need for forced water whenever and wherever we need. the AQUABOT Portable Pressurized Running Water is now on Kickstarter seeking your support. you can show your support for this awesome product by making a pledge of $29 or more. if all goes well, you will be expecting the AQUABOT by end of this year. IF. check out a short and humorous pitch video after the break to learn more.

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