When cafe-going crowd flocks to a cafe, it is usually for the ambience, good Joe or food, or a unique set up like, you know, fish swimming around your feet as you sip on a cup of macchiato, or fulfilling your gastronomical needs inside the guts of some grasshoppers. Whatever the attraction is, one thing for sure is, the bathroom is not it. Or so we thought.

Aquarium Bathroom at HiPoPo PaPa

As it turns out, one cafe on Hayashizaki Matsue Coast in Akashi-shi, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, called HiPoPo PaPa (formerly known as Mumin Papa) is literally famous for its bathroom – in particular, the ladies’ bathroom. Honestly, I can’t see why it wouldn’t (be famous) for its bathroom when it is essentially inside a giant aquarium that is home to quite a number of marine creatures, including a male turtle. Why a male turtle in a woman’s bathroom? I have absolutely no idea.

HiPoPo PaPa isn’t new though; it has been around for more than 12 years now and it is still popular as ever, probably due to this insanely awesome aquarium bathroom that apparently costs a cool $270,000 to create. Unfortunately, male guests don’t have the opportunity to pee or poop in aquatic tranquil since this is a woman-only bathroom. It is a single toilet bathroom and so, I can only imagine the wait it takes to be able to pee with the fishes.

Only ladies will know the pain of queuing to use the restroom and it doesn’t help that some guests had reportedly spend more time than they should have inside to marvel at the underwater world. There’s a balance though. Apparently, some cafe guests are not amused by the prospect of answering the nature’s call when being stared upon by, well, nature itself.

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Anywho… if you are hitting up Hyogo Prefecture, you may want to put this on your bucket list. Fret not if you are a dude because, the staff will be more than glad to let you have a peek (without anyone in there, obviously, you perv!) if the cafe isn’t too crowded. If.

Images: Twitter (@dynamite_takata).

Source: Oddity Central.

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