Think your iPhone is a tad too mundane and the barrage of boring cases available in the market today does not help either? Well, fret not cos’ China’s artisan mobile phone case designer/maker Artisan Shell will have you covered.

The company make and sell a series of one-of-a-kind phone cases for iPhone, from the face of Terminator to Venom to devilish mythical creatures, but none of them stands out like the Artisan Shell Creative Aliens Xenomorph Skull iPhone Case.

Artisan Shell Creative Aliens Xenomorph Skull iPhone Case

Artisan Shell, or JCase as it is also known, refers it to an exaggerated phone case and exaggerated it certainly is.

While most iPhone cases strive to go as thin as they possibly can, the Artisan Shell Creative Aliens Skull iPhone Case goes the opposite way with a 3D Aliens skull sculpt.

It is huge. In fact, I would say it is obnoxiously enormous. It is definitely an iPhone case for those who like Aliens and/or have the desire to turn heads. It will definitely turn head. Just look at that thing!

Truth be told, it is not practical, but we are digging it nevertheless.

We tried digging around on the Internet for the last half hour or so, but we could not find it being sold elsewhere other than on China online shopping store, If you know how to buy from there, you are in luck as you could bag one for just 218 yuan (or about 31 American dollars).

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The Artisan Shell Creative Aliens Xenomorph Skull iPhone Case is available to fit a variety of iPhone models, but strangely, not for the newer 2019 iPhone 11 Series or the new 2020 iPhone SE. However, the good news is, it can be custom made. So presumably, JCase can make one to fit the new iPhones too.

Artisan Shell Creative Aliens Xenomorph Skull iPhone Case

Images: Taobao (JCase) [CH].

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