Artpentry Gentleman’s Boombox – travel cases speaker system

Artpentry Gentleman's Boombox 544x428px
(image credit: Artpentry) Artpentry Gentleman’s Boombox | from US$300 |

on our quest for uniquely cool stuff, we came across what could be described as the coolest boombox on planet earth. meet the uber-cool Gentleman’s Boomboxes. these are speaker systems built from repurposed, used pieces of travel cases sourced from around Chicago area. the brainchild behind is unexpectedly cool idea is Chicago-based artist Floyd A. Davis IV. the fact that these boomboxes are born out of travel cases means that there are a huge variations, ranging from small train cases to the large steamer trunks, to suit different taste and style. each boombox comes with a built-in subwoofer and audio connector that will fit any audio device with headphone jack.
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additionally, Artpentry’s boomboxes are not limited to what they have featured on their official website but custom units are also welcome. so you can put in your one of the kind request too. the Artpentry Gentleman’s Boombox can be yours from $300 and up, thought there isn’t a web store at this present moment but you can still contact Floyd to make your orders. if old school setup is what you are after, perhaps the Gentleman’s Boomboxes might just goes perfectly well with the Draper Media Console that we have featured recently. join us after the break for a few more sample images of these unique boomboxes.

Artpentry Gentleman Boombox 544x568px
(image credit: Artpentry) Tiny Brown Leather Case

Artpentry Gentleman Boombox 544x508px
(image credit: Artpentry) Pale Green Train Case

Artpentry Gentleman Boombox 544x498px
(image credit: Artpentry) Vintage Canvas Hartman Case

Artpentry Gentleman Boombox 544x468px
(image credit: Artpentry) Burgundy Tweed Case with Faux Gator trim

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