ASIA MiniGod Designer Vinyl Speaker

ASIA MiniGod Designer Vinyl Speakers - 15-inch (L) and 5.5-inch (R) models
ASIA MiniGod Designer Vinyl Speaker | from US$39.99 |

there are speakers and there are cool speakers, and depending on your music inclination, sometime you’d trade off a little audiophile enjoyment for a speaker that’s aesthetically cooler or perhaps, for one that don’t even look like a speaker at all. the ASIA MiniGod Designer Vinyl Speaker is one such speaker if you are considering about listening out of the box, so to speak. a result of a collaboration between Texas-based designer Victor “Marka27” Quiñonez and BIC Plastics, the ASIA MiniGod Designer Vinyl Speaker comes in two sizes: a large 15-inch model and a pint-size 5.5-inch model. the former features a 4 ohm power speaker, a 10 ohm tweeter – both safely hidden behind an ABS-made protector, internal amplifier, on/off switch, LED lights, and a lithium battery pack that afford up to 2.5 hours of playback per charge. the smaller model features a dynamic driver tucked away behind an ABS speaker protector in the abdomen of this pint-size Buddha and power on/off switch with LED lights (guess where it is – no prize for guessing it right, though). true to its nature as a vinyl figure, both models sport a three points of articulation. obviously, quality of sound is not what these speakers tout about but it is more about the design factor and hence, sources will be connected via the good’ol mini jack cable to an 3.5mm audio jack. just think of it as a beautiful vinyl figurine that doubles as a speaker and not the other way round. the ASIA MiniGod Designer Vinyl Speaker can be yours for $39.99 and $159.99 for the 5.5-inch and 15-inch model, respectively. hit the jump for a few more look.

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