the ASICS GEL-Kayano was first introduced in 1993 and 20 years on, it is still going strong, which seriously, calls for a celebration and for that ASICS has just the product to do so: the ASICS GEL-Kayano 20th Anniversary Two Pack. this 2 shoe-pack is probably one of those rare kicks that you will choose to display like a badge of honor over wearing them – not because of the 300 dollars price tag that comes with it, but for two reasons: one, there are only 1993 sets available worldwide (and get this, each pair is individually numbered); and two, one of the pair is actually the original GEL-Kayano Trainer from 1993. seriously, would you run around with a rare, mint piece of history? i doubt so, but then again, the choice is ultimately yours to make.

as for the other pair, it is a uniquely colored new GEL-Kayano 20 running shoe – representing the GEL-Kayano of today – and featuring new ASICS FluidRide, a new lightweight mid-sole technology, and FluidFit technology, a “technical mesh” and other stretchy materials fused together to offer a glove like fit. so i guess you could say the new GEL-Kayano 20 will fit your hand like a glove, but that doesn’t seem to sound quite right, does it? anyway, you get the idea. with this pair of 20-years on kicks, you will also experience ASICS FluidAxis technology for a more fluid and natural foot rotation, plus other technologies innovated by the Japanese sport shoes maker. if Olympian, Ironman World Champion and elite ASICS athlete Andy Potts swears by it, then it is probably some serious stuff. no?

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in any case if you don’t fancy dropping 300 bucks for a twin pack, or perhaps you have no fantasy for a collectible footwear, there is also the regular GEL-Kayano 20 running shoe, which you can acquire for 160 bucks. also available for the fairer sex with the same price tag.

ASICS GEL-Kayano 20th Anniversary Two Pack

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