ASUS GX-700 Water-cooled Gaming Laptop

There’s limits to how powerful a gaming laptop could be, as we all know, laptop isn’t something that promotes fast cooling, which is a prerequisite for any insanely powerful rig. But if ASUS has its way, maybe, just maybe, crazy powerful laptops could be a reality and the crazy contraption you see here, dubbed GX-700, is probably the answer to over-the-top powerful on-the-road gaming rigs. Little is known about the GX-700 for now, but from what we have gathered so far, it will be the first 17-inch laptop with a 4K display and under the hood, it will get an overclockable Intel K-series Skylake processor, along with latest NVIDIA GeForce graphics and of course, the big-ass water cooling system, you see hooked up to its back.

Like we said, information regarding the GX-700 is sparse, but logic tells us it can probably be overclocked once it is docked to this spaceship-like cooling contraption. Now, I can see where ASUS is coming from. You probably won’t be lugging this water tank around (though you probably can, if you really want to); instead, this 4K-capable laptop is probably powerful enough to cover your multimedia (including gaming) needs when you hit the roads, but when you get home, you can plug it in and supercharge its performance by cranking its graphic performance to the eleven without worrying about heat issues.

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That’s just our thought, but I am confident that we won’t be too far off. In any case, details, as said, are still unknown and so is the pricing, and so for now, you are free to let your imaginations run wild like I am doing right now, imagining the water system is actually a jetpack that will make the laptop fly…

via Engadget