Audio-Technica new active noise-canceling headphones

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(image credit: Audio-Technica) Audio-Technica QuietPoint Active Noise-canceling Headphones | from US$79.95 |

if you are in the market for active noise-canceling headphones, then you are in luck. Audio-Technical recently announced a line of active noise-canceling headphones catering to a broad range of listeners with different style and budget. in fact, the lowest in range has a MSRP of just $79.95. the line, aptly dubbed the QuietPoint, offers four models that ranges from in-ear earphones to over-ear headphones. all four in the line employs Audio-Technica’s exclusive QuietPoint active noise-canceling technology that runs off a single AAA battery and offer up to 90% noise-canceling performance.
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the four models announced are ATH-ANC7b, ATH-ANC27, ATH-ANC25 and ATH-ANC23. the QuietPoint active noise-canceling headphones are compatible with your iOS devices and with portable media players, laptops, in-flight entertainment systems and other devices. like the SL300GG, these headphones will continue to work even if the battery is dead. prices for the QuietPoint active noise-canceling headphones start from $79.95 for the ATH-ANC25 over-ear headphones and runs up to $219.95 for the ATH-ANC7b headphones.

the Audio-Technica QuietPoint Active Noise-canceling Headphones was recently showcased at the CEA Line Shows 2011 and are available for purchase via Audio-Technica web store.

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