It takes a geek to see the details and in the case of the car you see here, it takes a true blue Back to the Future geek to realize that it is actually Griff Tanner’s Future BMW as seen on Back to the Future II. This is the same car that created quite a buzz many years back when it was restored and now, the original BBTF fan who did the restoration is letting it go on an auction over at So, yes. You can buy this iconic movie car to add your growing BTTF collection and oh, it does drive, albeit very slowly, but sadly and quite obviously, it won’t fly, much less hover.

Back to the Future II Griff Tanner's Future BMW

Anywho, the car is actually a gray import 1976 BMW 6 series (633 CSi, to be precise) with the now-iconic shark nose front end, which we guess fits the futuristic bill required by the set. The car was never intended to roll (it is supposed to fly, remember?) and when it debuted outside the Cafe 80’s hovering, it was actually the work of a forklift. The car, which is powered by a 6 cylinder motor and only made 74K miles on the odo, didn’t look like this when Jeff, the restorer, first acquired it; the car was seriously beat up, but being a super fan, Jeff had the drive and dedication to restore it back to its original movie condition and the result is what you see here.

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The auction ends in 9 days, after which it will go on Live Online Auction where you can bid for this iconic movie car just like you were at an auction in person. At the time of this writing, the current bid still stands at $10,000, which means, if no one else vies for it (unlikely scenario, though), you are looking at a $11,000 investment, plus transportation if you eventually win the auction.

Back to the Future II Griff Tanner's Future BMW

Back to the Future II Griff Tanner's Future BMW

Back to the Future II Griff Tanner's Future BMW

Photo credit: Christopher Rutkowski

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