Are you familiar know [email protected]? Since its introduction in 2001, it has taken on many forms, from collabs with fashion brands to collabs with pop culture characters to collaboration with artists. Whatever form it took , it is always limited to graphics or paint job.

This new [email protected] addition, however, is more than that. Folks, meet the [email protected] Cookie Monster Costume Ver. Figure. and it looks kinda awesome because, fur.

BE@RBRICK Cookie Monster Costume Ver. Figure

Unlike the norm, [email protected] Cookie Monster Costume Ver. Figure is covered in blue fur so closely associated with the Sesame Street character and the cookie addict’s googly eyes.

Two variants of the [email protected] Cookie Monster Costume Ver. are being offered: 1000%, the biggest [email protected] you can get, towering at 700 mm (27.6 inches) and 400% which stands 280 mm (11 inches) tall.

[email protected] Cookie Monster Costume Ver. Figure is available for pre-order from MCT Tokyo, with the 1000% selling for US$467 and the 400%, for US$98. Shipping is slated to happen starting in February 2021.

Images: Medicom Toy [JP].

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