there are three worlds in photography. the first is the digital world, where you get instant gratification in the form of previews. then there is the instant print realm, where you get instant print for instant gratification, and last but not the least, there’s the anti-instant gratification photography in the form of analog photography. among the three worlds, there exists a few in-betweens and the BELAIR X 6-12 Instant Camera Kit is one of them. what it does is as straightforward as the product name is: it turns your BELAIR X 6-12 camera into an instant camera, compatible with Fuji Instax Wide Film.

by marrying the BELAIR X 6-12 with the Instant Camera Kit, you get the best of both worlds of instant photography for the much-sought after instant gratification and also the flexibility in creativity as offered by the X 6-12 camera, including multiple exposures, long exposures, interchangeable lenses and hot-shoe flash compatibility. all you have to do is to load in the Fuji Instax Wide Film, start snapping away and see the result, in exquisite sharpness X 6-12 has to offer, almost instantaneously. and by switching out the Instant Back on the Instant Camera Kit with a regular 120 Film Back (not included), you can even get into some serious medium format panoramic photography, albeit the lack of the instant gratification, but still, it does give you another reason to snag the BELAIR X 6-12 Instant Camera Kit.

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you can the BELAIR X 6-12 Instant Camera Kit from Lomography online store for just $89. however, you do understand that latter sticker is just for the Instant Camera Kit. if you haven’t got yourself a BELAIR X 6-12, you can snag the bundle for $338 and up. another product look after the break.

The BELAIR X 6-12 Instant Camera Kit

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