desk-bound job can be quite devastating to one’s health and on top of that, it more than often encourages the expansion of the mid-waist area of our body and needless to say, that’s an eyesore. how do i know? because i have of the said product of a desk-bound job – a pot belly, which is something that i am not particularly proud of. so perhaps, a desk that has pedaling in the mix like The Big Rig Pedal Desk might be a good idea to shed some extra fats while dealing with the day-to-day desk chores. handmade with welded steel frames and stock bicycle parts, the The Big Rig Pedal Desk not only gives the exercise you need and also keep your blood circulating. with an optional generator, it can also generate up to 100 watts of electricity to say, power your laptop and stuff, so you can free yourself from the grid and thus reducing your carbon footprint and not to mention, potentially trimming down your utility bill.

additionally, The Big Rig Pedal Desk could be adapted for other duties such as pumping of water (at 5 gallons per minute), grinding of grains (perhaps, even coffee bean?), fire up an air compressor, or even drive those hand-cranked machines such as the manual drill and the likes. the The Big Rig Pedal Desk is available now starting at $2,000. the optional electric generator will set you back at another $400, while the battery power pack can be included for an additional $150. or you could go for simpler The Pedal Genny ($350 and up) if you need something a little barebone for other applications and you don’t require a desk top. however, if you just wanted to show your support for the folks behind this awesome machine, you can head over to their Kickstarter campaign page to do so.

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Pedal Power Design + Build via Muted

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