Larson Explosion Proof LED Flashlight

Larson Explosion Proof LED Flashlight
Larson Explosion Proof LED Flashlight | US$36.27 |

there are many things in life that we wouldn’t mind a little extra in feature, even if those features are not something that we would take advantage of in the product’s lifetime. one such example is the Larson Explosion Proof LED Flashlight (EXP-LED-F4W). as the product name implies, the flashlight is intrinsically safe – a feature that we certainly has no need at home or under regular circumstances but it wouldn’t hurt a bit to own that has that extra safety feature. of course, it would certainly benefit those who uses flashlight in sensitive environment. beyond its explosion proof design, it features a 4W LED matched to a deep dish reflector that gives it both excellent throw and intensity, a knurl body design for secure grip, a rubber push button switch – wrapped in a weatherproof, ergonomic tactical design. three AA-cell alkaline batteries keeps the 90 lumens LED light juiced for up to 80 hours. the Larson Explosion Proof LED Flashlight comes in a choice of colors, including the fail-safe black, bright green and bright orange and goes for $36.37 a pop. oh, did we mention that it is made in the good’ol US of A? sweet. click on the above image for larger view.

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