Birds With Arms Videos Are Weird But Strangely Cool

Videos Of Birds With Human Arms Are Wacky And Strangely Cool

Have had enough of the mundane world? Now, please, let us help you spice up that mundane life with this pretty wacky stuff called: Birds with Arms. By “Birds with Arms,” we do mean real world birds, of a variety species, with their wings replaced by human’s upper limbs (and doing wacky stuff). Twitter user/YouTube channel Gifs Video has posted a rather quirky video created from a series of footage posted on Reddit’s sub board, aptly titled Birdswitharms.

Birds With Arms Videos Are Weird But Strangely Cool

I know right. Life must be either pretty stressed out or super boring (or both) that the online community would want to do such a wacky thing, but hey, it is the Internet, isn’t it? And Internet is not lacking of shocking, awe-inspiring and loony stuff. Loony stuff the Birds with Arms is, but TBH, I can’t stop looking at it, especially when the individual clips are turned into animated GIFs. Anyways, have a look. Hope this will end your day with a smile.

Image: YouTube.

Animated GIF and source: Laughing Squid.