Have had enough of the mundane world? Now, please, let us help you spice up that mundane life with this pretty wacky stuff called: Birds with Arms. By “Birds with Arms,” we do mean real world birds, of a variety species, with their wings replaced by human’s upper limbs (and doing wacky stuff). Twitter user/YouTube channel Gifs Video has posted a rather quirky video created from a series of footage posted on Reddit’s sub board, aptly titled Birdswitharms.

Birds With Arms Videos Are Weird But Strangely Cool

I know right. Life must be either pretty stressed out or super boring (or both) that the online community would want to do such a wacky thing, but hey, it is the Internet, isn’t it? And Internet is not lacking of shocking, awe-inspiring and loony stuff. Loony stuff the Birds with Arms is, but TBH, I can’t stop looking at it, especially when the individual clips are turned into animated GIFs. Anyways, have a look. Hope this will end your day with a smile.

Image: YouTube.

Animated GIF and source: Laughing Squid.

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