Claiming as the gaming earbuds with the world’s lowest latency, the Black Shark Ophidian Gaming Earbuds promised to fix audio lag typical of wireless gaming headphones. It is not a TWS earbuds, though; it is a neckband earbuds and so it is not quite wire-free kind of wireless.

Connecting the two so-called “mechanical design” earbuds is a wire covered in “nitinol + liquid silicone rubber.” Despite how small earbuds are, Black Shark managed to incorporate RGB gaming light because, well, gaming earbuds.

As far as latency is concerned, Black Shark said the Ophidian has latency as low as 50 ms. Connectivity is, of course, via Bluetooth 5.0 Low Latency.

Under the hood, it has a hybrid of Knowles balanced armature drive and 10 mm dynamic driver, along with LHDC (low latency and high-definition audio codec) that promised to deliver “Hi-Fi” audio, while built-in rechargeable batteries provides up to 14 hours of playback.

Black Shark Ophidian Gaming Earbuds Indiegogo

Finally, each pair of earphones feature a magnetic back that allows the two to snap together (back-to-back) for easy transportation. An oh, it is IPX4 rated, so if you are “sweater” or if you want take it to the gym or go have a run with it, Black Shark Ophidian is totally cool with that.

Xiaomi’s Black Shark has taken to Indiegogo to pre-sell the product. The pricing is very attractive, starting at as low as $69. If that “first 72 hours only” price runs out, you are still looking at a fairly affordable $89.

Black Shark Ophidian Gaming Earbuds Indiegogo

Images: Black Shark.

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