I should just let it slide since we missed it in May but boy, this is too gorgeous and it will be crime to let it pass. We are talking about the BMW Concept R 18 Motorcycle unveiled at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este event on the shores of Lake Como in May. The BMW Concept R 18 Motorcycle is a modern interpretation of a cruiser that kind of bridges the gap between the homage bikes we have seen previously (like Bauhaus 100 and the Revival Birdcage) and the upcoming series production motorcycle.

The BMW Concept R 18 Motorcycle is powered by an eye-catching, prototype 800cc flat-twin engine – the highest capacity boxer motorcycle engine ever produced and perhaps, physically the biggest too. Man, that engine there is downright imposing and seriously, I can’t help but to keep staring at it. I had to stop (staring at it) or else this article isn’t going to go anywhere. Anyways, lets get on with the story…

BMW Concept R 18 Motorcycle

The low and long, raked out form of the BMW Concept R 18 further features modified front end and fishtail exhaust, polished aluminum cylinder covers, Metzeler-branded RILLE tires with custom-made tread pattern and special color treatment sidewalls, “characterful” spoked wheels (21-inch front; 18-inch rear), Pagusa-style seat with embossed logo on either side, open shaft-drive, cantilever rear suspension, twin-Solex carburettor from a BMW 2002 car and a 1950 Bosch-inspired LED headlight.

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While you can’t buy this gorgeous two-wheeler, the good news is, most what you see on the Concept R 18 will find its way to the series production bikes coming in late 2020. In meantime, treat yourself to a couple of videos of the BMW Concept R 18 Motorcycle embedded after the post.

All images courtesy of BMW AG.

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