Istanbul-based industrial designer and CGI artist Mehmet Doruk Erdem is no stranger to designing bold concept motorcycles and one of his latest concept two-wheelers, the BMW Radical Concept, continues that tradition, embarking on a radical design that’s very monolithic and yet, strangely minimalist. No details were provided by this talented dude, who obviously, has lots of creative juice flooding inside him, but then again, do we need more details? Nope. Not really. The renders are enough to blow us away that pretty much leaves us speechless.

BMW Radical Concept Motorcycle

We have never posted Mehmet’s works before, but that doesn’t mean his masterpieces aren’t on our radar. They are, but regretfully, we never got to it until this BMW Radical Concept. Seriously, this one here is too radically beautiful to be missed. In fact, it would be criminal to pass this and so, here it is in all its rendered glory. BMW should totally pick it up, really, though Mehmet may want to consider taking it one step further by losing the chain and get right into hubless wheel with internal drive gear like that Tron-ish power-assist bicycle we saw not too long ago.

BMW Radical Concept Motorcycle

Images: Mehmet Doruk Erdem.

via Yanko Design

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