If you consume ice cream in cold weather, it will melt slower, but the thing is, icy treats like ice cream and ice lollies are best enjoyed when the weather is warm and clearly, that’s not going to help in curbing the rate of melting. Well, that is until now. Creative food design studio Bompas & Parr has created a “Pykrete’ non-melting ice lollies that you can savor at your own pace without worrying about the melting – even under sweltering heat.

The secret formula of preventing ice from melting, or drastically reducing the rate of melting is not new. In fact, it was discovered seventy years ago during WWII by an inventor called Geoffrey Pyke. His invention, which he called ‘pyrkete’, is a frozen composite material that has sawdust and wood pulp in it. Obviously, Geoffrey’s intention wasn’t to prevent ice lollies from melting because, sawdust and wood pulp are not edible. Plus, it would be frivolous considering the world was at war.

Non-melting Ice Lollies by Bompas & Parr

Instead, it was invented with the vision of creating a floating runway made out of ice, so it could be place in the middle of the ocean to further the range of the aircrafts. Based on Pyke’s invention, Bompas & Parr developed the ‘Pykrete’ non-melting ice popsicle, but lucky for frozen treat lovers, you won’t have ingest sawdust and/or wood pulp because, ‘Pykrete’ has edible fruit fiber that is supposedly able to recreate the same effect as those wood shavings.

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That is not to say that the ice popsicle won’t melt at all. It will, eventually, but it will last very much longer than regular ice lollies. The company even made a time-lapse video to show how lasting ‘Pykrete’ is as compared to conventional frozen treats. Anyways, ‘Pykrete’ is real and if all goes as planned, Bompas & Parr may be introducing it to the market, but when, it did no say.

Visitors to Bompas & Parr’s SCOOP: A Wonderful Ice Cream World exhibition on August 22 had the chance to buy and try this revolutionary ice popsicle. While revolutionary, it is to note that Bompas & Parr is not first. According to a report, a Japanese company have already invented non-melting ice cream last year.

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