Imagine your friends are still toiling in their respective offices and here you are, popping a bottle of cold one, and telling them that you are doing so. That’s kind of cruel and so I am not sure why you want to do that. Anywho, in the traditional way, you pick up the phone and call them, or in today’s context, you send a message to your group chat of your choice. But that’s just plain hassle, isn’t it? What if they will be automatically informed whenever you pop a bottle? Well, that’s exactly what BOx Smart Bottle Opener by HIKAMI will do. Billed as the world’s first smart bottle opener, BOx is built with a smart chip and connects to your smartphone via WiFi.

BOx Smart Bottle Opener by HIKAMI

The tiny electronics detects the bottle popping action, records the number of bottles you have opened thus far to form your very own drink log, and if you desire, send a preset message (such “chilling out to a cold one LoL” or whatever) through the message app of your choice. Spiting your still-at-work friends could never get any more high tech then this. Ok, may be it is necessary to spite your booze loving buds. It could be use to automatically send out a beer call to all your beer buds, so that the entire drove will come swarming to your home like bees to flowers. That’s also pretty rad, but we can’t get the ‘spite’ thing out of our heads.

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BOx Smart Bottle Opener by HIKAMI

Anyways, back to the bottle opener. It is handcrafted from solid wood and stainless steel, and it is designed with ergonomic in mind, or to be precise, for one-hand ergonomic so you look super cool while doing popping a cold one. Want one? HIKAMI, which is a portmanteau of the names of the three inventors, has put up BOx Smart Bottle Opener on Kickstarter where you can secure one for 19 Swiss Franc or more (or about US$19). The campaign has 25 days on the calendar but it is almost funded and if it does, then backers should be able to expect the connected bottle opener at their doorsteps sometime in September 2016.

BOx Smart Bottle Opener by HIKAMI

BOx Smart Bottle Opener by HIKAMI

Images courtesy of HIKAMI.

submitted via TIP US page.

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