despite having a do-it-all smartphone, sometime we do feel the need to handle a real-deal calculator. you know, for convenience sake and yes, you are damn right that we do find turning on the phone and launching the app a hassle as compared to pulling the drawer and grabbing the calculator. besides, how can a touchscreen beat the tactile feel of physical buttons? if you feel the same way and style is an absolute must, then don’t let this BRAUN ET66 Calculator Re-issue escape you. designed by the master, Dieter Rams himself back in 1987, the BRAUN ET66 Calculator is now make available again, as a reissue, for the benefit of those who love minimalist, real working calculator and save yourself from scouring through eBay for one with dubious working condition. design features include a convex circular buttons and a thoughtful slide out cover to keep your prized old school calculator protector when not in use. also, any iPhone users would definitely feel at home with this calculator cos’ it is after all, the design inspiration behind the iPhone calculator app. you can pre-order yours now for $49. shipment is expected sometime in August this year.

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