Butterfly Knife Style Bottle Opener

Butterfly Knife Style Bottle OpenerButterfly Knife Style Bottle Opener | US$6.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

butterfly knife was once a rage and in a way, synonymous with small time gangsters. regardless of its shady portrayal, many dudes still love the awesome coolness of being able to fidget with the knife. one thing for sure, it is a whole lot cooler than clicking a switch to reveal the blade. however, we don’t need to tell you how dangerous it is to be carrying one around and how you may risk being arrested for possessing a weapon that could cause hurt. still, it has gathered quite a following and the coolness lingers till today. here’s a piece of good news: help is here to allow you to relive those glorious butterfly knife tricks but in a much safer way. meet the Butterfly Knife Style Bottle Opener, a bottle opener style in the familiar butterfly knife shape that also let you do the tricks like a real butterfly knife without the stabs, jabs and cuts. it is, of course, completely harmless, unless you consider dropping this chunk of food-grade stainless steel bottle opener and hitting your toes a dangerous act. so, you do know that this is a bottle opener, right? well, we just thought we should reiterate this point. you can get yours for just $6.99 a pop. no, wait. think they are temporary out but according to our favorite geek (online) store, it should be back on the 13th of this month. more views awaits after the break.

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