lets face it: a flat screen TV, regardless if it is Ultra HD or not, will never give you the cinema feel. you know what’s missing? no. not the popcorn, well, maybe that also, but the thing that adds to the magic is projector. however, you and i both know that projector don’t come cheap and they can be pretty cumbersome and also, messy to setup. but thanks to the good folks at Firebox, you can now have your dream home cinema setup without busting your bank balance with this £15.99 (about US$27) Cardboard Smartphone Projector.

Cardboard Smartphone Projector

the real kicker is, your smartphone is involved, which means you are open to a world of visual entertainment, ranging from YouTube to iTunes movie to your own embarrassing home videos. hell, you can even cast Netflix on the wall if you have that too. basically, the possibility is endless. all you need is a flat piece of wall. the projector is made of rigid cardboard with print that resembles a retro projector for a tint of fun factor and it is fitted with a high-quality glass lens with 8x magnification “to really do your videos justice.”

pretty cool, but don’t go around expecting mind-boggling quality, cos’ after all, it has no back illumination except for the one coming from your smartphone. speaking of which, you might have to crank up the brightness of your device all the way up and have the room as dark as possible to get best possible effect.

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Cardboard Smartphone Projector

Firebox via Oh Gizmo!

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