Casio Vintage A100 is nostalgic and so is the world’s most famous arcade game, Pac-Man. And therefore, to bring together two, it would be a marriage of nostalgia and one which you can own. Folks, this is the Casio Vintage x Pac-Man A100WEPC-1B Watch.

Casio Vintage x Pac-Man A100WEPC-1B Watch

The A100 here is, of course, the watch that is based on the old Casio F-100 from the 70s. While it is not the actual vintage, vintage, it will do as it does look the part.

Presented in a gold case, which itself is very retro-licious, the watch sports a watch face decorated with a screenshot of a Pac-Man game. Meanwhile, laser engraving on the black ion-plated metal band features the game maze. However, this time, it is after the yellow round dot hero has devoured a Power Pellet and turned the table against the ghosts.

Around the back, the original game screen graphics can be found engraved on the case back.

Beyond the nostalgic Pac-Man treatment, the A100WEPC-1B features LED backlight, 1/10-second stopwatch, elapses time function, daily alarm, hourly time signal, auto-calendar, and 12/24-hour format.

Casio Vintage x Pac-Man A100WEPC-1B Watch

The Casio Vintage x Pac-Man A100WEPC-1B Watch will be available this month, priced at US$99.95 a pop.

Images: Casio.

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