Cat videos going viral happens all the time. But this recent viral video on Twitter, posted by Japanese Twitter user @betelgeuse331 (あとりえ宇宙工房(塾長)[email protected]ちぇし @勉強垢), has nothing to do with cat and cucumber.

If I can be honest, cat and cucumber are so yesterday. Just saying… Anywho… the video posted by @betelgeuse331 on March 01 shows a person turning on and off a desk lamp by touching the cat’s nose.

There was no FX or video trickery here, btw. This was the real deal, a breathing, living cat was a switch to this unassuming desk lamp. And the person in the video proved that it can be done over and over again without fail.

So, what was going on there? Well, as it turned out, that desk lamp is a capacitive touch lamp and our feline friend here just happen to have one of its paw over the switch. This made the cat as part of the circuit which, when touching the non-furry part of the animal (in this case, the nose) results in the same as directly touching the capacitive surface, i.e. turning on or off the lamp.

The beloved cat is affectionately called Natsume. The video has drew quite some attention and now Natsume has its own Twitter account too!

Images: Twitter (@betelgeuse331).

Source: SoraNews24.

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