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Scosche sneakPEEK II switchable HD & SD cable for iOS devices

Scosche sneakPEEK II iPad video cable 544px(photo source:
i hesitated a little when was putting this up. i asked: am i going to put up another Apple-related accessories? there are just way too many iPad/iPhone accessories flooding the market. despite many claims (or predictions) that Android is going to overtake iPhone/iPad sales, but then the wave of iPad/iPhone accessories hurling to us like a giant tsunami, suggest otherwise. or at least not any time soon. however, this Scosche (Scosche – sounded like Porsche, doesn’t it?) item sounded too good to give it a pass.

if big screen is your kind of thing, then iPad screen is definitely not for you but then again, we all gotta have an iPad, don’t we? so what do we do then? we hook it up with a video-out cable to our big screen, such as the Scosche sneakPEEK II switchable HD and Standard Definition (SD) A/V cable. in fact, it works with most of Apple portable devices that plays video with the 30-pin connector. on the end, connection to the TV is via either composite (SD) or component (HD) cables. sorry, dude – there is no HDMI here. a micro USB cable is included which allows you to charge while you play, ensuring you never run out of juice in a middle of a movie.

combine with the Just Mobile UpStand, it could be a perfect set-up.

visit Scosche website.

new to A/V jargons? read more on what is: composite, component and HDMI.

Easy 2 Pick Luggage Finder – the easy finder for luggage

Easy 2 Pick Luggage Finder 544px(photo source:
if locating your luggage at the luggage carousel is a stressful task for you, NAFTALI inc., an US-based company has an interesting solution. the product that NAFTALI thinks will help to relieve your problem is the Easy 2 Pick Luggage Finder. the Easy 2 Pick notifies user when the luggage emerges onto the luggage carousel, taking the guess work out of whether your luggage is out or it hasn’t. the Easy 2 Pick consists of a luggage tag transmitter for your luggage and a wireless keychain receiver.

when activated, the keychain receiver will beep, flash and vibrate once your luggage is within 90 feet of you. according to it’s manufacturer, Easy 2 Pick is FCC and CE approved and safe to use for flight. interestingly, the usage for Easy 2 Pick is not just restricted to traveling. you can use it to locate your car, keys et cetera. or maybe secretly tag someone you dislike or like so that you will know if he/she is in your vicinity. for whatever reason. nasty. not that i encourage this but that was just a thought.

read the review by TMCnet here.

visit NAFTALI inc.

Just Mobile AluPen & Upstand for iPad – designer-style accessories for iPad

Just Mobile AluPen 544px
(photo source:
can’t enough of aluminum products? Just Mobile, a Taiwan-based company has a range of product to satisfy your need for aluminum-based products. we have seen quite a number of stylus around in market now, how about a aluminum item styled in the shape of a pencil? sounds cool? then AluPen is for you (and me too!).

AluPen is a chunky pencil-shaped stylus, sculpted from aluminum, with a soft rubber nib. if you like doodling on your iPad. this will be the stylus to doodle in style. seriously, it does look cool. doesn’t it? no iPad? no worries. it will work with any capacitive touch screens. but if you’re looking to use with your iPhone or iPad, it will work with all iPhone/iPad apps. that’s the kind of assurance that all consumers need. the AluPen measures 12cm x 1.3cm x 1.2 cm – pretty chunky indeed. the AluPen retails for US$24.95.

Just Mobile UpStand for iPad 544px
(photo source:
from the product photo above, you might mistaken it for a new Apple desktop. well, it isn’t. it’s another sleek product from Just Mobile, the UpStand for iPad. needless to say, it is made out of aluminum with radial finish. add in a bluetooth keyboard and you have a instant boot-up desktop.

i don’t need to tell you what you can do with your iPad propped up on the UpStand. do i? never mind… here are some possibilities: you can make as a digital picture frame, watch movies et cetera and with the appropriate apps, you can read your receipt book off the iPad while you mess around trying to make a nice Italian meal, or use it as a giant alarm clock. throw in a bluetooth keyboard (not included), you can surf the net, jot down ideas for your next novel et cetera. pretty neat.

the UpStand retails for US$49.95. *note iPad and bluetooth keyboard not included.

Just Mobile UpStand for iPad 544px
(photo source:

rock docks: one of the kind iPhone & iPod docks

Sony Playstation Controller iPhone/iPod Dock 544px
(photo source:
who says dock should be a boring white block? i admit that white does look modern and clean, but what if you are not into white blocks? fret not. GreekUnique has a some docks that definitely will rock your dock, i mean your iPod/iPhone. custom out of gaming console’s controller, such as the one featured above, it charges & sync your iPhone or any iPod (except Shuffle). also available are (e.g.) Atari 2600 Grand Prix game cartridge dock, Nintendo 64 game controller, Nintendo Controller dock, NES Light Gun dock – just to name a few. not many of these are going round. want one? better grab it before it’s gone. prices are dependent on model.

check it out @ ETSY website.

Custom iPad stand out of old Macintosh machine

Custom iPad stand out of old Macintosh machine 544px
(photo source:
would you like to have one? unfortunately, it is not available off-the-shelf but you can certainly follow the instruction to make one yourself. i would think you will need a pair of technical hands to do that and of course, an old Macintosh that you are ready to dig out it’s internal. pretty cool, except that having to touch-interface horizontally, isn’t exactly ideal for long period of time. perhaps for watching movie?

how about adding a 30pin dock to the side (if there’s room) and route the cable to the back? in this way, you can have unlimited juice while watching movie on it or surfing the net. or maybe throw in some mod circuitry to connect a vintage Mac joystick? perfect.

check it out @ Site Hirac (Japanese).
Instructions in Japanese and English.

going retro Arcade gaming with your iPad: iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet

iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet 544px
(image source: ThinkGeek)
another reason for you to get an iPad. well, not really. but if you already have an iPad, consider going old school with this sweet iPad Arcade Cabinet with cheerful paint job to match. basically the iCade (yes, that’s what they call it), is an iPad dock in the guise of retro Arcade Cabinet, dedicated to retro gaming. you will need the iCade App to go with this Arcade cabinet. strangely, i can’t find the App on the Appstore. perhaps it is only available in US Appstore? so those non-US Store users, do take note. Continue reading going retro Arcade gaming with your iPad: iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet

bring toilet accessories to your phone: iPlunge Phone Stand

iPlunge Phone Stand 544px
(photo source:
fans of toilet accessories rejoice! now you can bring a piece of your toilet to your desk, in the form of iPlunge Phone Stand – err… i am not sure why would you want to do that but the cool/cute factor is definitely there. this miniaturized plunger has a suction cup that attaches to most hard, smooth surface of your mobile device, propping the device up at an angle. please don’t leave this in the toilet, cos’ this isn’t a real toilet plunger. in case you are wondering, this unique item is designed by Homade, the same guys who brought you the iTape Deck iPhone case. the iPlunge Phone Stand retails at a modest US$5.95. Continue reading bring toilet accessories to your phone: iPlunge Phone Stand

Hard Graft 2UNFOLD laptop bag & iPhone 4 Phone Fold Wallet

Hard Graft 2UNFOLD multi-use laptop bag 544px
(photo source:
Hard Graft 2UNFOLD Laptop Bag. it’s a briefcase, shoulder bag, backpack, a courier and clutch bag, depending on how you fold it. tanned leather never look this good. this hand-made in Italy leather good is a perfect choice if you are lugging both your laptop and iPad along. aside from stowing away your laptop, there’s a enlarged zipper compartment that can fit your iPad fitted with Hard Graft’s iPad case and an internal compartment with zipper for your phone and wallet. it is called 2UNFOLD for good reasons. in unfolded form, it can be a briefcase, should bag or backpack. fold it up and it turns into a courier bag (aka messenger bag) or a clutch bag. Continue reading Hard Graft 2UNFOLD laptop bag & iPhone 4 Phone Fold Wallet

retro-chic with iTapeDeck silicon case and stand for iPhone 4

Homade iTape Deck silicon case & stand 544px
(photo source:
can’t get enough of cool-looking stuff? go retro-chic with this really cool iPhone 4 case in the form of a cassette tape – the Homade iTape Deck. for those too young to know, cassette tapes are stuff we used to store music in it (before CDs and MP3s). the iTape Deck comes in 2 parts, the ‘cassette tape’ silicon case and a ‘cassette tape case’ stand. completing the retro look is the ABS outer casing for the silicon-clad-cassette-tape-looking iPhone 4. flip over the outer case and becomes a stand to prop your iPhone up and you can enjoy your videos while feeling nostalgic. this case is definitely going to be an attention grabber. are you ready to be the center of attraction? that is if you don’t mind the bulk the silicon case is going to add to your slim iPhone 4.

the Homade iTape Deck comes in black/red color and blue/white combo. it’s available @ Strapya World and Air Asia Megastore.
Homade iTape Deck silicon case for iPhone 4 544px

Innergie mCube Pro universal power adaptor: multi-function adaptor

Innergie mCube Pro universal power adaptor 544px(photo source:
if you are looking are for a sleek power adaptor for your beloved laptops, Innergie has the answer for you. replace those ugly looking power brick with this all-in-one cool universal power adaptor and charge in style. the mCube not only charges your laptops but works for USB-powered devices such as mobile phones and portable music players. mCube Pro does not restrict itself to wall sockets, but works with in the cars and airplanes too. not to feel paranoid about using this device on the plane, as mCube Pro is credited with the RTCA aviation certificate. therefore it is certified safe to use on airplanes. it is able to charge up to 17″ laptops of major brands. Apple users need not to apply, though. a built-in protections keeps you from harmful unstable voltages, giving you a peace of mind. all this comes in a neat package of size 70mm x 128.8mm by 23.6mm. it even comes with a carrying bag to keep the mCube Pro and its accompanying cables. Continue reading Innergie mCube Pro universal power adaptor: multi-function adaptor