OUTRIDE by Mophie

OUTIRDE by Mophie
OUTRIDE by Mophie | from US$129.95 | www.mophie.com

love recording every moments of your action-adventure when hitting the waves but don’t want to invest in pricey action cam? then you are in luck cos’ Mophie has a pretty neat solution in form of hardware and software combo that could transform your iPhone 4S/4 into a dedicated action sports camera. needless to say, the immediate advantages are obvious: first, you will free yourself from yet another gadget and secondly, you will get your fix for sharing your footages virtually anywhere, which is something majority of the action cams are not capable of. the OUTRIDE, as it is called, is a housing for your iPhone made from lightweight polycarbonate that’s impact resistant and waterproof. for starter, it comes with a variety of custom modular quick-release mounts for affixing your OUTRIDE-equipped iPhone onto any surface on a variety of sports equipment. along with the hardy case is a beautiful wide-angle lens with 170-degree viewing angle that is optimized for capturing action sports. a free OUTRIDE app lets user review footages or stills, share them and follow others in the OUTRIDE community, as well as various social media networks – right there, right then. coming to your this mid-September with bundle price that ranges from $129.95 to $149.95.

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