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La Boite is back with an arcade cabinet for your Mac

La Boite Concept La Premiere - Yellow & White Premiere 544x311px
(image credit: La Boite) La Boite Concept La Premiere | US$PoA |

remember La Boite Concept? the French firm that gives you the beautiful laptop speaker table? well, they are back with something retro-licious and fun. this time a one-piece stereophonic unit, dubbed La Premiere, with a design inspired by the arcade machine cabinet. on the sound department, it has a single unit three-way stereo loudspeaker which includes two 10-inch carbon subwoofers, two 5-inch fiberglass midrange drivers and two soft dome tweeters. Continue reading La Boite is back with an arcade cabinet for your Mac

steampunk record player is powered by steam, what else?

Asciimation Steampunk-o-phone img1 544px
(image credit: Asciimation)

steam power was the power of choice for transportation in the past. these days we hardly heard about steam power except for our household irons. from the New Zealander who hand-built the NERF pistol, is this turntable powered by a miniature steam engine. the steam engine does make a lot of noise but once the record is span, it kind of drowns the engine a little. or maybe that’s was because he was playing punk rock music, so i guess this isn’t meant for ballet. Continue reading steampunk record player is powered by steam, what else?

Sanwa rolls out 3D glasses that works on most 3D TV

Sanwa 'Universal' 3D Glasses 544x311px
(image credit: Sanwa) Sanwa Universal 3D Glasses | ¥7,800 |

one of the things that stop people from buying a 3D TV is perhaps not the lack of 3D glasses from the manufacturers but it is the price for ‘additional’ pairs required. if you happen to buy a few more pairs, those pairs of ‘additional’ 3D glasses would likely to go to waste if you upgrade your TV to another make. well, you stop these worries today. Sanwa announced yesterday the availability of a pair of 3D glasses that is said to work with all 3D TV sold in Japan, which includes major brand such as Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba.

running off a rechargeable built-in battery, the glasses is charged via a supplied USB cable and even comes with three sizes of interchangeable nose bridge to suit different nose features. after all, no two noses are the same, isn’t it? very thoughtful. the glasses weighs in at just 55 grams (1.94 oz). its not pretty but at least it will works with most Japanese 3D TV, and cost only ¥7,800 (approximately US$95).

images bar 150x67 Sanwa 3D Glasses - details (in Japanese) 544px Sanwa 3D Glasses - different perspectives 544px

via Akihabara News

Samsung new Smart TV duo says goodbye to bezel

Samsung D8000 img1 544x311px
(image credit: Samsung) Samsung D8000 & D7000 | US$tbc |

when it comes to LCD TV, one of the thing that bothers me most is the bezel. although, bezel does nothing to the picture or audio quality but having a thick bezel is certainly not an aesthetically pleasing sight. unlike TV thickness, bezel is always seen. while we can’t have true bezel-less TV just yet, Samsung has taken a huge step closer in saying goodbye to those thick ugly bezel with the premier of two premium models, namely the D7000 and D8000 series Smart TV, spotting ultra slim bezels.

these models have bezels which is as thin as 0.2-inch (0.5-cm) with most part of the 0.2-inch are in fact clear plastic, making them virtually bezel-less. wow. i’m totally sold. aside from the awe-inspiring ultra thin bezels, both TVs are 3D capable and being a Smart TV means they will be web-capable and of course, DLNA certified. both models will be available this year, however no details on exact time frame and the pricing.

images bar 150x67 Samsung D8000 img1 600px Samsung D8000 img2 600px Samsung D8000 img3 600px
images bar 150x67 Samsung D7000 img1 600px Samsung D7000 img2 600px

Bowers & Wilkins introduces wireless play dock for iOS devices

Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air img1 544x311p
(image credit: Bowers & Wilkins) Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air | US$tbc |

the new Zeppelin Air gives you freedom to play music from your iOS devices wirelessly without docking your devices. the speaker system makes use of Apple’s AirPlay technology to wirelessly stream music from your iOS device to the Zeppelin Air and it also works with your PC or Mac running iTunes. essentially, the exterior of Zeppelin Air looks much like its predecessor but has a revamped innards comprising of a redesigned drive unit, upgraded amplifiers and added two amplifiers on each of the five speakers which are separately driven. another notable features is the improved signal processor and an added audiophile digital to analog signal converter.

the Zeppelin Air also supports multi-room setup where more than one Zeppelin Air can be placed in different part of the house. user can choose to play from one or all Zeppelin Air placed around the house. besides ipod/itunes music, it is capable of streaming from wide variety of audio such as itunes video stream, youtube video stream, internet TV stream, including music making apps. while streaming from a computer, the iOS devices also function as a cool touch-screen remote control to control your playback, and for multi-room setup, user can select one room or all rooms to fill with music from the Zeppelin Air.

strangely, B&W still keep the physical dock on the speaker which, i thought, looks rather awkward without iOS device docked. perhaps, the provision was made for those who still prefer to dock their device to the speaker. a provision which kind of redundant since you can put your iOS device anywhere other than on the Zeppelin Air itself. the Zeppelin Air AirPlay works with iPad, iPhone 3GS/4, 2nd to 4th generations iPod Touch with at least iOS 4.2 and iTunes 10.1 installed on your iOS devices and computer, respectively.

images bar 150x67 Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air with iPad 600px Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air with iPhone 4 600px Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air with iPhone 4 docked 600px
images bar 150x67 Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air with iMac and iPhone 4 600px Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air with iPhone 4 docked - front view 600px Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air without speaker grill 600px

using gestures to adjust volume with this designer speakers

EOps i24R3 Extreme Ltd Ed Speaker System with designer Michael Young 544px
(image credit: EOps/Michael Young) EOps i24R3 Extreme Limited Edition Wireless 2.1 Digital Speaker System | US$na |

there are myriad of options for iPhone dock with speaker systems but there are nothing out there that looks like the EOps i24R3 Extreme Limited Edition Wireless 2.1 Digital Speaker System (quite a mouthful, i know), a collaboration between EOps and industrial designer Michael Young. like its name suggest it is a digital speaker system, and it is also an iPhone dock with wireless USB audio transmitter for PC/Mac that works in-sync with your iTunes Music Library, iPhone and TV audio. Continue reading using gestures to adjust volume with this designer speakers

Marshall Headphones announced the long awaited Minor

Marshall Headphones Minor img1 544x311px
(image credit: Marshall Headphones) Marshall Headphones Minor | US$59.00 |

finally it is here. Marshall Headphones has announced the availability of the long awaited Minor in-ear headphones, along with detailed information and photos. the Minor features a patented EarClick ear buds that touted to “ingeniously secures the earphone into position in your ear.” Continue reading Marshall Headphones announced the long awaited Minor

new Miles Davis Trumpet earphones unveiled by Monster

Monster Cable Miles Davis Trumpet Headphones 544px
(image credit: Monster Cable) Miles Davis Trumpet earphones | US$349.00 |

in the recent CES 2011, Monster Cable unveiled the new jazz-inspired Miles Davis Trumpet in-ear headphones. the design of the buds drew inspiration from Mile’s very own trumpet which features a striking gold/brass finishes. there’s even a Miles Davis silhouette and etched signature on its cord.

this new pair of audiophile buds should appeal to any Jazz-audiophile as it will come specially packaged with Miles Davis album “Sketches of Spain” in a specially remixed, remastered version in Monster high Definition Stereo and High Definition Surround Sound. Continue reading new Miles Davis Trumpet earphones unveiled by Monster

Omni-Bang is the sound of Triumph Motorcycles

Omni-Bang img1 544px
(image credit: Beverley Neilsen/Chang Sung-Ching)

what do legendary motorcycle brand has to do with sound? no, we are not talking about the magnificent growl of the 865cc engine or the throaty exhaust note from Triumph motorcycles but a pair of speakers complete with a digital dock for iPhone/iPod, dubbed the Omni-Bang. the speakers, designed by Chang Sung-Ching, was part of the collaboration between MA Product Design, BIAD, and Triumph Motorcycles to create a series of prototype lifestyle accessories for Triumph Motorcycles. Continue reading Omni-Bang is the sound of Triumph Motorcycles

Eton’s new solar-powered sound dock for iPod and iPhone

Eton Soulra XL 544px
(image credit: ETON) ETON Soulra XL | US$tbc |

if you are a tree-hugging gadget geek, the new Soulra XL from Eton should appeal to you. moving away from the rugged, radiator-like designed of the former Soulra, the new Soulra XL has a triangular side profile with a flip-up monocrystal solar panel to harness the power from the sun to power this portable iPod/iPhone speaker, and it also charges your iPod/iPhone when docked. the Soulra XL has an integrated carrying strap to let you lug this eco-friendly speaker around. no words on the pricing yet but i am guessing everything will come to light after the CES 2011. Continue reading Eton’s new solar-powered sound dock for iPod and iPhone