Beats products are hardly something you will considered “luxe”, but that is set to change with the collaboration between Beats and famed New York-based designer Alexander Wang. clad in the Alexander Wang’s signature black and gold colorway, the collection comprises of Beats’ key products like the Pill Bluetooth Speaker, Urbeats in-ear headphones, as well as the Beats Studio headphones. these objects of desire are created for Wang’s “Objects” line and each product will come packaged with an exclusive case featuring embossed stingray skin pattern, along with gold hardware for that extra luxe factor. these are strictly limited edition items, though no specifics such as how many each product is limited to, were offered. the Studio headphones will be available at a private, one-day event, prior to being made available for the public.

if you are all in for the “lavish look”, the Beats x Alexander Wang Headphones and Speaker collection is your best bet without causing a serious dent to your assets. though they are by no means cheap, but as far as luxe look goes, these are the ones you would want to go for. speaking of which, expect to fork out $149.95 for the Urbeats in-ear headphones, $299.95 for Beats Pill Bluetooth Speaker, and $449.95 for a pair of the Alexander Wang Beats Studio headphones. to secure yourself a chance to acquire these limited edition Beats products, head on down to Beats website and sign yourself up to be notified once they are available. so will you shell out about between $50-$200 for such exclusivity?


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