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Tokidoki Ramblers Bags Collection

Tokidoki Rambler Bags Collection
(photos: Tokidoki) Tokidoki Ramblers Bags Collection | from US$68.00 |

what’s the kind of things that would make a grown man love a lady-like stuff? i’d say its a beautifully designed print on just about anything – even if that gorgeous design is on a lipstick, nah, we are just kidding. anyway, we are big time sucker for such awesomeness and that’s why we love Tokidoki latest offering: the Ramblers bags collection. as usual, Tokidoki has all your bag needs covered with its collection spanning from small zip wallet to small shoulder bag to larger duffel bag. the Ramblers bags collection features the signature Tokidoki graphics – the Japanese-inspired graphics that put designer Simone Legno on the world map – and a discreet hardware with Tokidoki branding backed by a stitched-on leather background. Continue reading Tokidoki Ramblers Bags Collection



if you love the idea of using your washbag as your gadget bag, the KILLSPENCER DOPP / FOLIO might just be the perfect bag for you. as the name suggest, it is both a toiletry bag and a folio suitable for your iPad or 11-inch Macbook Air. it is as simple as that. i know it might not be the brightest idea in the world, considering that a washbag will typically experience spills from gels or whatever fluid but still, i find the minimalist design rather attractive. on the other hand, it might just be a good idea for travelling as you will save yourself from bringing another bag for your 11-inch laptop. Continue reading KILLSPENCER DOPP / FOLIO

Bluelounge Bonobo Series Bags

Bluelounge Bonobo Series Bags 900x400px
(photos: Bluelounge) Bluelounge Bonobo Series Bags | from US$44.95 |

being a tech lifestyle enthusiast, you probably have loads of gadgets and hence, you are face with the challenging issue of how to lug all of them along with you in your daily commute. let’s be honest: the market is not shortage of bags to take it all but as a style connoisseur, we would opt for something more stylish like the new Bonobo Series Bags from Bluelounge. though, we would love to have more color options other than black. anyway, the Bonobo Series collection include a iPad sleeve ($44.95), laptop sleeves ($49.95 – $59.95), laptop totes ($129 – $149), a messenger bag ($139), as well as a backpack ($159). in short, the Bonobo Series has something to suit all your gadgets-toting needs. style and functions are not all the Bonobo Series is about. Continue reading Bluelounge Bonobo Series Bags

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Collection

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Collection 900x600px
(photos: Tokidoki) Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Collection | from US$24.00 |

Tokidoki has given many iconic characters of our time a Tokidoki-style makeover and the latest to be put through this makeover session is the iconic feline without mouth aka Hello Kitty. if you are purist fan of Hello Kitty, you might not be amused but for Tokidoki fans, the Tokidoki x Hello Kitty should be equally collectable like the Marvel and Barbie collections. the collection includes a laptop case ($55), an organizer ($45), a hand bag ($175), a luggage ($280), a pencil case ($24), a necklace ($36) and a wristwatch ($75). the star of the print is of course, Ms Kitty herself dressed up as Tokidoki’s Sandy, accompanied by her new found friends. Continue reading Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Collection

Incase x BEAMS exclusive Limited Edition Backpacks

Incase BEAMS Packs 700x400px
Incase x BEAMS Limited Edition Backpacks | US$175.00 |

latest to join incase growing backpack collection is its collaboration with BEAMS, a Japanese fashion label, for a couple of limited edition backpacks, dubbed as BEAMS packs. based on incase’s Campus Pack design, this duo features a natural cotton canvas or blue denim with a supple black leather bottom. the former is available via Incase web store with a price tag of $175, while the latter is available exclusively via BEAMS store for ¥13,860 a pop (about US$177). hit past the jump for a few more look at the incase BEAMS packs. Continue reading Incase x BEAMS exclusive Limited Edition Backpacks

Tokidoki x Barbie Doll apparels, totes and skateboard

Tokidoi x Barbie Doll Collection 900x515px
(photos: Tokidoki) Tokidoki x Barbie Doll Collection | from US$33.00 |

Tokidoki’s last collaboration with Marvel is a little more guy-biased but these designer folks are not about to leave the girls out in the cold. it has announced a new collection that is sure to appeal that little girl hiding in your heart. well… assuming you are a gal, that is. the collection is none other than Barbie Doll – a doll that has no doubt captured the imagination of countless little girls since the late 1950s. the Tokidoki x Barbie Doll Collection includes the mandatory Barbie Doll action figure, a skateboard, a couple of tote bags, and the usual tee-shirts and hoodies. the Barbie Doll here deserves some special mention. this doll features a trendy pink hairdo, the familiar Tokidoki tattoos, dressed in a sassy outfit, and carrying a Tokidoki hand bag. Continue reading Tokidoki x Barbie Doll apparels, totes and skateboard

Quirky Trek Support Backpack could be the ultimate gadget bag

Quirky Trek Support Backpack 900x515px
(photos: Quirky) Quirky Trek Support | US$130.00(pre-sale) |

gadget-toting road warriors have always face the same problems: power hungry gadgets and managing these gadgets in the bag. i mean, its easy to put all the gadgets in one bag but accessing them with ease is usually a big issue, especially when you are checking into a flight. here’s where the Trek Support backpack comes in. the Trek Support comprises of three parts: the backpack itself, the gadget dock and the laptop sleeve. the latter two are easily removable from the backpack as and when you need to. the gadget dock here deserves a worthy mention. it is a battery-powered USB gadget dock that not only organizes your gadgets with its individual mesh pockets of various sizes (a total of four pockets, to be exact) but it has an integrated battery that allows for charging of up to three USB powered devices simultaneously. Continue reading Quirky Trek Support Backpack could be the ultimate gadget bag

SUCK UK’s War on Plastic shopping bag tucks into a grenade

War on Plastic 544x728px
(image: Suck UK) SUCK UK’s War on Plastic | £12.00 |

every year, tons of plastic turned up in incinerator and landfills, and i don’t need to tell you why this is bad for our mother earth. so bringing your own shopping bag might be a good idea in lending a helping hand to reduce such accumulation of waste which could otherwise be a permanent environmental problem. you could bring your own recycled plastic bag or just any bag, but why should you reduce your stylish self to carrying a cheap plastic that could be unsightly or worst, tears while you are en route home? which is without say, the most uncool things that could happen to anyone. Continue reading SUCK UK’s War on Plastic shopping bag tucks into a grenade

Hard Graft Rucksack. messenger, briefcase and rucksack.

Hard Graft BACK2BACK Rucksack - Messenger - Briefcase - Rucksack 900x515px
(credit: Hard Graft) Hard Graft BACK2BACK Rucksack | €399.00 |

one day we may be needing a briefcase for work or a rucksack for the weekend hike up the local hill, or maybe a messenger bag for our outside-of-work errands. hence, it might be a good idea to have one bag that’s versatile enough to suit these different duties so that we can save ourselves the trouble of transferring the contents from bag to bag and risk missing transferring an item or two in the process. that’s where the Hard Graft BACK2BACK Rucksack comes in. it is three bags in one, so you can use it daily for just about any situations. consistent with all Hard Graft products, the Rucksack is handcrafted in Italy from semi-vegetable tanned leather and 100% wool felt supplied by a German wool specialist. the Rucksack features ample storage that shouldn’t disappoint any modern day road warrior. Continue reading Hard Graft Rucksack. messenger, briefcase and rucksack.

Hard Graft Driftwood and Campfire Bags Collection

Hard Graft Campfire Collection 900x600px
(credit: Hard Graft) Hard Graft Driftwood and Campfire Square1 Holdall (€499) / Personal Pouch (€179) / DOPP Kit (€149) |

there exist some man folks who have the penchant for stylish bags (let’s put the prices aside for now), and not surprisingly, i happen to be one of them. so naturally, when Hard Graft drops us an email regarding their new collection, Driftwood and Campfire, i immediately sit up and take notice – intently. each collection includes a stuff-everything-in bag (Square1 Holdall), a sling/waist pouch (Personal Pouch) and a toiletry bag, also known washbag (DOPP Kit). so what’s the difference between Driftwood and Campfire, i hear you ask? basically, they are the same, except for the color. the Driftwood is mainly compose of grey exterior and tanned interior, while the Campfire has brown and black for the exterior and interior, respectively. Continue reading Hard Graft Driftwood and Campfire Bags Collection