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Epha3 Farm Papero

Epha3 Farm Papero Galaxy ExpressEpha3 Farm Papero | from £17.80 |

when we think about model kits, we think plastic-made kits that requires endless hours of building with crafting knifes, sandpapers, bottle of paints, glues and among the many other things. quite frankly, a long list of ancillary things to buy and a time consuming process are not everyone’s cup of tea. the Epha3 Farm Papero you see here will change your perspective about model kit building. unlike the traditional kits, the Papero is crafted entirely out of eco-friendly paper and soy-based inks. with the exception for certain kits, all you have to do is to color them and put them together by hand – all without the need for glue or hobby knife. Continue reading Epha3 Farm Papero

GunVault GVB1000 MiniVault Biometric

GunVault GVB1000 MiniVault Biometric
(photos: GunVault) GunVault GVB1000 MiniVault Biometric | US$309.00 |

grown man and children alike, we all love guns. if you dwell in a state where gun ownership is not prohibited, then we salute you but we do have to keep in mind that guns are dangerous weapons and they should be treated with utmost respect. whether you own one (or many) as a hobby or for personal protection, it is only right that it should be kept safe and away from unwanted hands but it also must be easy and quickly retrievable in time of need. as such you will need a safe like the GunVault GVB1000 MiniVault Biometric. Continue reading GunVault GVB1000 MiniVault Biometric

Sullivan’s Slugger Graphic Novel

Sullivan's Slugger Graphic Novel
(photos: Mark A. Smith) Sullivan’s Slugger Graphic Novel | from US$30.00 |

if you love the visual experience of a graphic novel, love to the idea about ordinary baseball players kicking some monster’s ass or simply appreciate a good storyline that goes along with beautiful artworks, then you should not miss Sullivan’s Slugger, a graphic novel written by Mark Andrew Smith with art by James Stokoe. the story is as follows: Continue reading Sullivan’s Slugger Graphic Novel

LEGO Heavy Weapons by Jack Streat

LEGO Heavy Weapons by Jack Streat
(photos: no starch press) LEGO Heavy Weapons | US$24.95 |

owning a real firearm is a fantasy for most people due to state law or the social stigma associated with them. however, if you happen to be a huge LEGO fan, then your dream of combining both your love for bricks and firearms might just come true and the best part is, you get to build it with your own hands. no. LEGO isn’t going to release a Desert Eagle kit (and we doubt it will ever do) but you could build it with the help of LEGO Heavy Weapons, a collection of complete building instructions for 1:1 scale replicas of some of the world’s most ionic firearms, as authored by young LEGO guns extraordinaire, Jack Streat. Continue reading LEGO Heavy Weapons by Jack Streat

Bleeding Zombie Targets

Bleeding Zombie Targets - Chris
(photos: Zombie Industries) Bleeding Zombie Targets | from US$89.95 |

if you truly believe that the apocalypse is imminent, then you’d be preparing yourself because D-day will land this year. besides spending a fortune in prepping yourself with anti-nuclear bunker, stockpile of ration, communication equipment and weapons, you should not forget to hone your shooting and maiming skills as well. this is where the Bleeding Zombie Targets from Zombie Industries (yeap, such company do exist) will come in handy. these zombie targets are life-sized mannequins that are modeled after the undead and will “bleed” when shot at. Continue reading Bleeding Zombie Targets

eVivo! Baby Shrimp Ecosystem

eVivo Baby Shrimp Ecosystem
(photos: Globus International) eVivo! Baby Shrimp Ecosystem | US$40.00 |

having a dog or cat as pets is nothing out of the ordinary and the same applies even for ornamental fishes. so if you are looking for pets that’s extraordinary, does not beg for your attention and will flourish on its own just like it would in its natural habitat, the eVivo is what you need. it is a complete ecosystem that takes up a tiny footprint, pretty to look at and a perfect tool for getting your young ones started with the science of life, well, at least on the basics. oh, as for the pets, we are talking about shrimps. yeah. that’s right – shrimps. how many times did you hear someone talking about pet shrimps? Continue reading eVivo! Baby Shrimp Ecosystem

The Official Formula One Books

The Official Formula 1 Books
(photos: Formula 1) Official Formula One Books | from £30.00 |

your passion for certain things in life is never complete without a collection of the relating literature. this is especially true when we talked about the most iconic and prestigious motorsports event in the world that spans for more than six decades now: the Formula One championship. whether you are collecting these literatures as memorabilia, coffee table books or simply filling up your own Formula One room of fame, these books from the official F1 store will definitely fill the void that has remain till now. Continue reading The Official Formula One Books

Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fans’ Hope – Collector’s Edition

Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fans' Hope - Collectors' Edition
(photos: Sideshow Collectibles) Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fans’ Hope – Collector’s Edition | from US$49.99 |

for those who failed to attend the glamor event of the year for all comic fans, here’s your chance to own the book that marks the occasion. the aptly named book, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fans’ Hope – Collector’s Edition, features 224-pages of in-depth illustrated look at the holy grail of the comic world, contained in a sweet fabric bound hardcover book. highlights of this must-have coffee table book for all Comic-con fans include a fabric bound protective slip-case, silver colored page edging, debossed cover title, affixed ribbon page marker, and 32 pages of unique content that is exclusive to this Collector’s Edition. Continue reading Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fans’ Hope – Collector’s Edition

Double Tap Tactical Pocket Pistol

Double Tap Tactical Pocket Pistol
(photos: Heizer) Double Tap Tactical Pocket Pistol | from US$499.00 |

we are not advocates of firearm ownership but honestly, it is hard to ignore them either. take for example the Double Tap Tactical Pistol from Heizer Defense, a lightweight and compact pistol that measures just 16.9mm thin but still offering a double tap punch. available in aluminum or titanium frame, matched with a 416 Stainless Steel barrel and in a choice of ported or non-ported version, it holds two readied rounds in its double parallel barrels and a speed strip with two extra bullets are stored in the butt of the handle allows for quick tactical reload, though you got to remind yourself that’s only four rounds you have there. Continue reading Double Tap Tactical Pocket Pistol

Sinuous Guitars – cos’ you don’t need to look like Eric Clapton

Sinuous Guitar Model SD-22
(photos: Sinuous) Sinuous Guitars | from US$1,750.00 |

when it comes to guitar, musicians tend to stick to the norm – you know, the familiar classic designs from Fender, Gibson and the likes. even the Flying V design is nothing indifferent in today’s context but why conform to the tradition and sacrifice your personal style in the process? really, you shouldn’t and need not to if you go grab yourself a piece of this gorgeous custom guitar from Sinuous Guitars. featuring an organically sculpted guitar body, affectionally known as ‘Sinuous Double Cut Dual Humbucker’, crafted from poplar wood, a hard maple neck with rosewood maple finger board, graphite nuts, dual pickup configuration, a 3-way switch to match and a range of finishes to choose from, you’d be grinding your axe with extreme classy style. Continue reading Sinuous Guitars – cos’ you don’t need to look like Eric Clapton