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How to build your own life-size Portal Turret replica

Portal Turret Life-size Replica by Kronos Props 544x360px
(credit: Kronos Props)

so you adore everything Portal? besides creating your own Portal Gun, how about adding a Portal Turret to your collection of DIY replicas? yes, the deadly turret in the game can be yours if you closely follow the lengthy process as shared by one CitizenSnips aka Ryan Palser, an animator in the gaming industry by day and a hobby prop builder by night. Ryan’s creation is not just all looks, it can actually safe guard your room. while it can’t spray bruising pellets or blast out eye-blinding lasers on your intruder, at least its build-in motion sensor with a bunch of electronic circuitry (in which, Arduino is also used) will trigger the Portal Turret to ‘talk’, thus alerting you of anyone trying to sneak up on you while you are intently playing your Portal game. Continue reading How to build your own life-size Portal Turret replica

Umbra Tape Deck Cards – cassette tape styled playing cards

Umbra Tape Deck Cards Red 544x528px
(credit: Umbra) Umbra Tape Deck Cards | US$5.00 |

you know the playing cards? the 52 pieces of hard-paper (or plastic) that has brought much fun to any gathering? right, there is nothing spectacular about them, until you see the Umbra Tape Deck Cards. yes, it is your ordinary playing card deck but masquerade as cassette tape, complete with the cassette tape case. two things that caught my attention here: first off, it looks uncannily like a real cassette tape and second, instead of your usual standard spades, hearts, queens, kings graphics, it has them in sketched graphics style. very stylish indeed. it will probably make you smile looking at the cards, even when you are on a losing streak. or maybe not. i was just saying… anyway, it cost just $5 a deck and comes in three colors: blue, smoke or red. another look at the Umbra Tape Deck Cards after the break. Continue reading Umbra Tape Deck Cards – cassette tape styled playing cards

Steve Jobs: A Biography by Walter Isaacson (Hardcover)

Steve Jobs The Biography 453x688px
Steve Jobs: A Biography by Walter Isaacson | US$20.40 |

originally set for release on March next year, the official Steve Jobs biography – now officially titled as Steve Jobs: A Biography – is set to be available this November. well, at least that’s what Barnes and Noble is saying. the last check with Amazon, the March 6 date remains unchanged. interestingly, we also see an update to the biography’s cover on B&N’s website, as well as Amazon’s. under the unsurprisingly minimalist cover are 448 pages of content that is based on more than 40 interviews with Steve Jobs, along with interviews with his family and friends. the book is available now for pre-order from both B&N and Amazon for $20.40 a pop (hardcover). join me after the break for a full description of the biography. Continue reading Steve Jobs: A Biography by Walter Isaacson (Hardcover)

forget about fish tank, check out this Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Desktop Jellyfish Tank 544x408px
(credit: Jellyfish Art) Desktop Jellyfish Tank | US$350.00 |

if you rather be a leader than a follower, then you probably would want something a little different when it comes to pet – like this Desktop Jellyfish Tank. Jellyfish not only breaks the monotony of your usual pet fishes, but their hypnotizing gracefulness could be a relieve to your otherwise stressful routine. touted as the “first affordable aquarium designed specifically for jellyfish”, the tank was a development by San Francisco-based Jellyfish Art. Continue reading forget about fish tank, check out this Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Zippo Lighter Gun – lighting up could never be more dangerous

Zippo Lighter Gun 544x408px
(credit: Gregg Martin Auctions)

camera disguised as a lighter isn’t new but a Zippo Lighter with a 6-mm pistol hidden within is something totally new. well, not really the newest new but in fact the said Zippo Lighter Gun was auctioned off back in 2006 for a cool $6,810. dubbed simply as “4mm”, this Zippo-branded lighter has barrel in place of the wick and instead of striking to light up, the flint striking wheel is the trigger. it came together with faux Ronson flint dispenser that contains eight individual copper-based 6-mm bullets. now, that just put a whole new meaning to the danger of lighting up. doesn’t it? a few more look of this awesome firearm after the break. Continue reading Zippo Lighter Gun – lighting up could never be more dangerous

Harry Potter ebooks to be available soon thru Pottermore

Harry Potter 544x311px
(credit: Warner Bros.)

fans of Harry Potter will soon have any media to read their favorite Harry Potter books. JK Rowling’s upcoming website, simply known as Pottermore will be teaming up with Google to release the Harry Potter’s ebooks in the USA through Google Books libraries. these ebooks can be purchased from Pottermore and store them on Google Books cloud library that allows you to read the ebooks anywhere, and on any devices as long there is Internet browser and Internet connectivity. Continue reading Harry Potter ebooks to be available soon thru Pottermore

Jawbone Up monitors your bodily stats, works with smartphone

Jawbone Up 544x288px
(credit: Jawbone) Jawbone Up | US$tba |

first, it was Bluetooth headset, then it was Bluetooth speakers and now Jawbone wants to get more intimate with your life with Jawbone Up. this fashionable wristband is packed with sensors that will track your movements, sleep patterns, as well as eating habits, and send them to a companion app on your smartphone. these stats are then processed and used to make recommendation on nutrition, exercise et cetera. basically, it will assist you in getting a healthier lifestyle, so to speak and hopefully avoid any nasty surprises. no specifics on how these information will be send to your smartphone but it’s Jawbone, so it is safe to assume it will be via Bluetooth. want one already? unfortunately, details on pricing and launch date are not available at this point in time. Continue reading Jawbone Up monitors your bodily stats, works with smartphone

would you walk your dog with a gun pointed on its head?

Provodokus - Gun-shaped Dog Leash 544x360px
Povodokus – Pistol Shaped Dog Leash | US$tba(concept) |

there are two types of pet lover: the straight-face, no nonsense animal lovers and then there are those who are humorous and easy-going type. if you belong to the former type, you can stop reading here. nah! i’m just messing with you. huh? not funny? that’s a shame. anyway, for those with sense of humor, would you walk your dog with a gun pointing at its head? of course you wouldn’t. but for novelty sake, you probably can do just that with the Povodokus, a pistol shaped retractable dog leash designed by Art Lebedev Studio. plus, the red leash makes it looks like a red laser pointing at your beloved dog’s neck. nasty. guarantee to cause a panic in your neighborhood in an instant.

Provodokus - Gun-shaped Dog Leash 544x488px

Provodokus - Gun-shaped Dog Leash 544x908px

Art Lebedev Studio via Yanko Design

EYENIMAL lets your pet be your videographer

Eyenimal Video Camera 544px
EYENIMAL Pet Video Camera | €99.10 |

these days pets get everything to lead a chill, and comfortable life – now there is even a dedicated video camera for your pet. not that they will know how to operate the video camera but this camera, dubbed EYENIMAL, is small enough to be clipped on your pet’s existing collar and when activated (by you, of course), it records where they have been as seen from their level.

this miniature video camera features an autofocus CMOS sensor with automatic light adjustment, built-in microphone and is able to capture image of 640 x 480 resolution at 29 frames per second. the EYENIMAL comes with built-in 8GB of Flash Memory, and a 500mA Li-Ion battery which is good for two and had hours of continuous recording. an included USB cable lets you transfer the recorded footage to your PC or Mac, and charges the video camera.

the EYENIMAL is designed to be used in wet or humid conditions so you can sure that the video camera works whereever your pet goes. now you would know where you pet went, especially cats, when you are not around. luckily, your pet won’t be able to sue you for intrusion of its privacy.