Now, You Can Buy a Marvel Action Figure With Your Face On It

already got yourself a Stormtrooper mini-me? how about taking on the persona of say, Tony Stark or Steve Rogers? well, in mini-me form of course, too? as it, putting your face on a 12-inch Marvel superhero action figures. that’s what Hasbro, Marvel, Disney and a 3D printing company, 3DPlusMe is offering, albeit for a limited […]

Misfit Introduces New Activity and Sleep Tracker That Does Not Require Charging, Cost Just $50

while one part of the market is brooding over fraudulent crowdfunding campaigns, Misfit is one of the many examples that uses crowdfunding platform as a springboard to successfully launch a startup business. their first product, an activity tracker called Shine, made a killing when it was on Indiegogo nearly two years ago and today, the […]

Complete Your Marty McFly Look This Halloween With This Pair of Officially Licensed Nike Mag Replica

the line between cosplay and dressing up for halloween has been blurred. halloween costumes used to consist of mainly monsters or hideous creatures, you know, to ‘scare away spirits and goblins’. these days, halloween can be of anything that’s fun – even a Hazmat Suit from Breaking Bad and Walter White hyperflesh mask qualifies. that […]

Domeni Co Sets Out to Create a Luxury Timepiece That Won’t Break Your Bank and This is the Result

luxury isn’t always about dollars and cents. it is about evoking emotion and not bound by the price tag, well, at least that’s what a young startup Domeni Co thinks and the Domenico Wrist Watch is the watch that’s going proves that luxurious style need not to be bank breaking, or even anywhere close to […]

Custom Men’s Wear Label, Marcella, Extends Its Reach into the U.S. Market With Flagship Store In New York

no two person are born with the same physical size, which means apparels are never one-size-fits all and going on tailor made route seems like a logical move if you want something actually fits your body. the only problem is, bespoke custom apparels for men are usually reserved for the elite few, but Singapore-based label, […]

Acer’s Glittery Selfie Sombrero Is The Ultimate Selfie Fashion Statement

who would have thought selfie could have gotten this big? we know we didn’t. it kickstarted an unstoppable wave of self-admiring, egoist images that floods the social media, which prompted gadget makers and third party accessories manufacturers to divert part of their attention to selfie-friendly products. but all those are nothing as compared to Acer’s […]

In Japan, Black Burger Is Blacker With Squid Ink and Black Cheese That Looks Like Melting Tires

black buns though rare, are in existence. we knew that. but black cheese? man, that just simply looks like melted tar or tires stuffed in between the burger. but that (and the blackened buns) are just what Burger King Japan has to offer starting September 19. available in two burger types: Kuro Pearl and Kuro […]

Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 Telescope Boasts Up To 156x Magnification From An 8-inch Tube

with the advancement in optical developments, there is no reason why should telescope remain long and cumbersome. that said, if that have been stopping you from getting into star gazing for fear of being branded as a shameless voyeur, well, then the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 Telescope may just change that. despite having a diminutive […]

Sales of Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle Red Gold Watch Will Help Destroy Assault Weapons In Africa

haute horlogerie timepiece involvement with charity isn’t new, but one that promised to channel revenues from the sale to fund the destruction of 1,000 assault weapons in Africa is something unheard of and such is what Peter Thum, founder of Fonderie 47, promised to do with the limited edition Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle Red Gold […]

The Art of Pin-up: Over 500 Pages Worth of Stuff You Want To Know About The Top 10 Pin-up Artists

if you appreciate art prints of the 20s to the 70s, then we suppose you will dig pin-ups. pin-ups, which were a rage over those decades, were drawings, paintings and pastels of an idealized female face and figure intended for public display and were often seen on calendars, magazine covers and at one point, even […]