Designer Imagines How Apps And Services Would Be In Pre-Internet Era

Have you ever wonder what it would be like if today’s popular apps and services we use today were available in the pre-internet era? It is hard to imagine Spotify, or Facebook would be if they existed, say, in the 80s, but one man has imagine how today’s icons like Netflix, Snapchat, Adobe Illustrator and […]

These “Shredding” Postcards Is Inspired By Banksy’s Shocking Act

Inspired by Banksy’s epic ‘self destruct’ painting that shocked the world, Belgian graphic designer, Lesha Limonov, has created a series of postcards that kind of replicate the shredded Banksy painting. Each postcard comprises of two parts: a paper frame that looks like a 2D version of the frame that the Girl With Red Balloon was […]

Iron Man And Louis Vuitton Monogram Is A Match Made In Heaven

Gabriel Dishaw has a thing for blending pop culture icons with Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram. Since we last saw his works, his portfolio has grew to include Marvel’s Iron Man and Black Panther, Mickey Mouse, and even Power Ranger. There are all very impressive, as always, but this Iron Man Mark LV 2 Helmet deserves […]

NYC-Based Artist Installed Trump Statuettes For Dogs To Pee On

We are not political, but this one is too much of a laugh for us to pass on. This is about a bunch of Trump statuettes, but this tiny sculptures ARE NOT a tribute to the POTUS; these busts of the President found scattered around Brooklyn are for dogs to pee on. Depending on your […]

Toppled Dominoes Complete The Circuit To Enable This Lamp To Light Up

Switching on the light is an action no one will give a second thought, let alone fun. There’s hardly any interaction other than pressing a button or, in some instances, barking a command to tell Alexa to do so on your behalf. But not with Domino Switching Lamp by Glithero. This unique lamp makes the […]

Malformed Tom From Tom and Jerry Sculptures Are Absolutely Hilarious

This one is going to make you laugh. These are sculptures created by Japanese artist Taku Inoue, depicting Tom from Tom and Jerry when he was, well, not exactly in his best shape. Not exactly the model most artists would chose to go with when recreating fictional characters, but Inoue did anyways and the results, […]

Giant Inflatable Tentacles Poking Out Of This Building Is A Sight To Behold

It looked like a scene straight out of a horror movie, but fortunately, there is nothing sinister about these giant tentacles that took over the building because they are inflatables. We have reason to believe it does not even have a body. This is a playful art installation by Filthy Luker AKA Luke Egan and […]

Giant LEGO Gromit Just Contributed £22K To Bristol Children’s Hospital

Bristol, UK-based charity organization The Grand Appeal has teamed up with the folks over at LEGO to create this giant version of Gromit, Wallace’s pet dog and best friend, from the British clay animation series Wallace & Gromit. The enormous Gromit sculpture, called Cracking Build Gromit!, was designed by LEGO and hand built by expert […]

British Artist Puppeteering An Air-Powered Octopus Was Quite A Sight

Remember the giant puppetry troupe La Machine? Well, this one here called Ocho the Octopus by British artist and puppeteer Tim Davies is somewhat similar, but it is a lot smaller because, it is an one-man-operation puppet. It is inflatable for obvious reasons. Like because, the entire contraption has to go onto Davies so it […]

Artist Takes Balloon Twisting To The Next Level With These Sculptures

I am sure most people will be familiar with balloon twisting. You know, the thing that the clown guy does at some children party? Yeah, that. Like, who would have thought balloon twisting could be an art? I, for one, never, until I saw Masayoshi Matsumoto’s work of art. Mind you, though, Matsumoto’s balloon twisting […]