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Jake Dyson CSYS LED Task Light

Jake Dyson CDYS LED Task Light
(photos: Jake Dyson) Jake Dyson CSYS LED Task Light | £550.00 |

we are familiar with the classic articulated desk lamps but that kind of look doesn’t necessary appeal to everyone. so, in come the Jake Dyson CDYS LED Task Light that introduced a whole new way of adjusting the position of your light and adding to that, it features “advanced thermal management” system that stretches the lifespan of the bulb to a mind-boggling 37 years or more. the accompanying 8.8W LED light outputs a warm white light that’s easy on your eyes and the lamp functionality is packed with high-tech features such as touch switch, touch sensitive dimming and light level memory. in short, it has both functionality and beauty, well… at least in the industrial design perspective. Continue reading Jake Dyson CSYS LED Task Light

vintage cameras turned into awesome night lights

Vintage Camera Nightlight - Ansco Cadet II w/ flash
(image: Jason Hull) Vintage Camera Nightlights | US$tba |

night lights for kids. don’t they just look overly cute or monotonous? even as an adult, i have always wanted to use nightlights but just because of the aforementioned, i didn’t. however, if those nightlights look like Flickr user, Jason Hull (aka Jayfish)’s creation, i would have grab it in a heart beat. what Hull did was, he converts old cameras dating back to the 50s ad 60s into awesome looking nightlights. as much as he love converting those vintage imaging devices into cool nightlights, he refrain from putting cameras that are in pristine condition or rare under the knife, which should give vintage camera enthusiasts a sigh of relief. vintage camera lovers will be glad that he only uses camera that are “lightweight plastic” and those that are produced in quantity which are easily source from the open market. Continue reading vintage cameras turned into awesome night lights

Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet – hybrid tool

Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet
(image: Wera Koloss) Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet | US$107.99 |

are hammer and ratchet the most used tools at home or at work? i am inclined to think so when we stumbled upon this hammer-ratchet hybrid tool. our passion for home improvement has our eyes trained on them in an instant and yes, you did not read wrongly, the Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet is indeed a hybrid tool combining a drop-forged hammer head with a heavy duty reversible ratchet that features a fine tooth mechanism and a minimal six 6-degree return angle. a “multi-component” Kraftform handle provides you the grip required when you are pounding and ratcheting away. Continue reading Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet – hybrid tool

Glowbar – because sometimes we need to pry in the dark

Glowbar - the Glow-in-the-dark Crowbar
(image: Glowbar Inc.) Glowbar Classic | US$79.99 |

do you feel the insatiable need to pry in the dark? yes? good, then i have a perfect tool for you: the Glowbar Classic. no. that’s not a typo, in fact, it is very aptly named as this is a Crowbar that glows in the dark. forged from high-carbon steel for extra strength, this wrecking bar is coated with hyper-phosphorescent powder coating that gives it a glow that is said to be “ten times brighter than conventional glow-in-the-dark items.” though i still can’t comprehend why would anyone need a crowbar that glows in the dark. or perhaps, the main purpose of its glow-in-the-dark function is for an easier location of the crowbar in the dark shed? come to think of it, may be all tools should have glow-in-the-dark coating so we can save a lightbulb for the tool shed. no? anyway, the Glowbar Classic cost $79.99 a pop. novelty or functional, you be the judge. another look after the break. Continue reading Glowbar – because sometimes we need to pry in the dark

ConverTTable – coffee table turns into a racing cockpit

ConverTTable - coffee table turns into a racing cockpit
(photos: ConverTTable) ConverTTable | from €5,433.00.00 |

have you been in the situation where you find your living area doesn’t allow you to accommodate your dream gaming cockpit? it is a shame that you can’t fully utilize your glorious big screen LCD TV in your living for a game of Gran Turismo 5. its either the coffee table or a game racing cockpit, which most grown man would choose the latter for practicality sake, and to avoid ruining a stylishly decorated home. well, the folks over at ConverTTable must have read our mind and they have came up with a brilliant idea: a contemporary coffee table that opens to a game racing cockpit. encased within this white and wood color coffee table is a Recaro Racing seat, a Porsche GT3 RS steering wheel, a ClubSport pedals, and a RACE-STAR Butt Shaker for the added rumble feedback. basically, everything that you will need to start revving away in your living room, and conveniently stowing it away when you are done. Continue reading ConverTTable – coffee table turns into a racing cockpit

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick

(image: ThinkGeek) Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick | US$29.99 |

if Anakin Skywalker were to have a candlelight dinner with some chicks from a galaxy, far, far away or Padme Amidala, he would probably use his lightsaber to give the dinner a more romantic ambience. we know the fact that lightsaber isn’t in our checklist, so this Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick holder should be suffice for us. this solid metal candlestick holder is a precise scaled down re-creation of Lord Vader’s blade casted in zinc-alloy and accented with chrome details. the only let down is the circular plate that might mar the otherwise authentic look but thankfully, it can be unscrewed and ready for battle with any Jedi who attempts to disrupt your sweet candlelight dinner with your beloved Padme. Continue reading Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick

Lil’ Vampire Pacifier makes your baby looks like a vampire

Lil' Vampire Pacifier
(image: ThinkGeek) Lil’ Vampire Pacifier | US$4.99 |

mums who can’t get enough of Twilight and Edward would probably wish that their babies are vampires. no, seriously, those blood sucking undead are just myth but if you are undaunted, ThinkGeek has a totally harmless and cheeky way to make your adorable little one into a vampire. though, you shouldn’t take it too literally. meet the Lil’ Vampire Pacifier that functions like any baby pacifier but at the same time, give your baby the awesome vampire’s fangs. best of both worlds, eh? vampire lookalike, and keeping the baby nice and quiet with its orthodontic nipple. the Lil’ Vampire Pacifier retails for just $4.99 a pop. Continue reading Lil’ Vampire Pacifier makes your baby looks like a vampire

Champion Pro Professional Foosball Table

Champion Pro Professional Foosball Table
(image: Champion Pro Professional Football Table | £299.00 |

owning a football table or foosball table, if you prefer, is something of a dream of many. well, if you have yet to buy one, perhaps it is time to do so, especially when it costs just £299 (about US$467) to own one. let’s just say this is an earlier Christmas present for yourself. this fine foosball table here, aptly dubbed the Champion Pro, is crafted from MDF with smooth finish and features hand painted player figurines, and chrome steel telescopic arms with wooden ergonomic handles for the classic look. the Champion Pro measures 1500mm long, 760mm wide, and 910mm high and weighs just 70kg, making it easy to relocate around the house. check out more images of the Champion Pro after the break. Continue reading Champion Pro Professional Foosball Table

Scheurich Water Supplier Bördy

Scheurich Water Supplier Bördy
(image: Design3000) Scheurich Water Supplier Bördy | €5.49 |

the common problems among casual indoor gardeners are forgetting to water the plants and over or under watering the plant. however, with a nifty device like the Scheurich Water Supplier Bördy, those problem might be just things of the past. all you have to do is to fill up the cute little bird with water, plug it into the soil of your potted plant, and let the plant decides for itself how much water it needs. the water is drawn out of the birdie via the clay pointed end. the Scheurich Water Supplier Bördy can store and supply water to your potted plant for up to 4 days. i think it is a perfect device for a forgetful person like me but then again, i will have to make the effort to remember to top up the Bördy to begin with. Continue reading Scheurich Water Supplier Bördy

Star Wars R2-D2 Folding Armchair

Star Wars R2-D2 Folding Armchair
(photos: ThinkGeek) Star Wars R2-D2 Folding Armchair | US$39.99 |

our hearts are warmed by the helpful droid that communicates in a totally incomprehensible digital noise. we know R2-D2 has as much fans as Star Wars itself has, judging from the host of official and non-official R2-D2 themed stuff that we have seen and heard. well, the time has come for this cute little drum-shaped droid to return the favor by giving us earthlings who are not from a galaxy far, far away, some helping hands. meet the Star Wars R2-D2 Folding Armchair, the official licensed Lucasfilm collectible camp chair (some called it director’s chair) that is constructed from study nylon that allows it to be used anywhere, anytime. it even comes with a nylon shoulder bag for lugging along for your next road trip or camping adventure. Continue reading Star Wars R2-D2 Folding Armchair