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The Best Flashlight Ever [videos]

The Best Flashlight Ever
(photos: Luke Lamp Co) The Best Flashlight Ever | US$69.00 |

no kidding. it is a bold move to name a product the best, not to mention topping it with an ‘ever’. however, that’s what Luke Kelly has named his latest creation – a hand crafted and hand assembled flashlight dubbed simply as, you guess it, The Best Flashlight Ever. so what it’s name again? it’s The Best Flashlight Ever. ‘i mean the name’. yes, that is its name. get it? so does it really qualifies for the ‘best’ with an ‘ever’? we are not so sure – however, one thing we are sure is this: this rustic-looking piece of flashlight art is awesome cool. we love its combination of hand carved wood with threaded steel piece, which is enough to make this the coolest flashlight ever. and as an added bonus, the Best is also waterproof and virtually indestructible. Continue reading The Best Flashlight Ever [videos]

Teak Bath – handcrafted Teak bathtub

Teak Bath
(photos: The Water Monopoly) Teak Bath | £6,200.00 |

who doesn’t love a good soak in the tub after toiling a day away at work? we know each of us absolutely do (separately, of course) and would be even more looking forward to it if the tub is as inviting as the Teak Bath. each tub is handcrafted from teak wood using traditional methods in the Highlands in Scotland by a boat builder, which further assure you that it is build to withstand your daily soak routine. measuring a generous 1790mm x 750mm, this beautiful bath would feel right at home in any resort-style bathroom setup. and the price? Continue reading Teak Bath – handcrafted Teak bathtub

Bottle Humidifier by cloudandco

Bottle Humidifier by cloudandco
(photos: cloudandco) Bottle Humidifier by cloudandco | US$tba |

you know what’s the worst thing in life for any self-confess stylists? to put up with ugly appliances and yet knowing that you can’t live without them, that’s what. among the many unsightly appliances that exist among us is the humidifier. it is a mind-boggling science as to why humidifiers can’t be stylish and minimalist. lucky for us folks, there are creative people out there who are more than willing to think outside the box and come up with something as gorgeous as the Bottle Humidifier. conceived by Korean-based design house cloudandco, the Bottle Humidifier presents itself as a bottle in matte white finish, constructed from antibacterial resin and the bottom is a thick glass reservoir that offers user a view of the water level within. Continue reading Bottle Humidifier by cloudandco

Gro Furniture 5-in-1 Companion Crib and Desk

Gro Furniture 5-in-1 Companion Crib and Desk
(photos: Fab) Gro Furniture 5-in-1 Companion Crib and Desk | from US$1,390.00 |

the thing about buying products for your kids is, they outgrown them easily. while you can’t do much about their clothing, you certainly can do something about their bed. the Gro Furniture 5-in-1 Companion Crib and Desk is just one furniture that can start its life as a baby crib, progress to a toddler bed as your child grows and when as your kid matures, you can convert it to a daybed or even a desk for him or her to chill out or study. it may not sound like much but it certainly saves you the hassle of acquiring new furniture as your child grows, well at least for the time being until they become the rebellious teenager (well, i’m just saying…). Continue reading Gro Furniture 5-in-1 Companion Crib and Desk

Smoke Furniture Collection by Maarten Baas

Smoke Furniture Collection by Maarten Baas
(photos: Maarten Van Houten) Smoke Furniture Collection | US$tba |

go on and sneer at those typical furniture, cos’ indeed there are more unique furniture in the market that your money can buy and the Smoke Furniture Collection by Maarten Baas is surely going to blow your mind. ‘smoke’ is not uncommon in food but for furniture? it is virtually unheard of. designer Maarten Baas literally put his collection under the fire and finished off with epoxy resin. the randomness of the natural burnt pattern is a characteristic of burnt product, which ensures no two pieces are exactly the same. the collection includes a chair, a dinning chair, a dinning arm chair, as well as a chandelier. each chair features fire retardant foam in leather upholstery and comes with a repair kit beneath the chair for “in case of emergencies.” Continue reading Smoke Furniture Collection by Maarten Baas

GAM Hammer 6-in-1 Claw Hammer

GAM Hammer 6-in-1 Claw Hammer
(photos: ThinkGeek) GAM Hammer 6-in-1 Claw Hammer | US$19.99 |

in most DIY home improvement jobs, you will likely need to hammer and screw but not everyone has the space to keep separate tools for each specific task. so what do you do? you get a many-in-one tool like this shiny example here: the GAM Hammer 6-in-1 Claw Hammer. first off, it is aesthetically pleasing with its nickel-plated body and solid brass handle. secondly, it has a hammer head with claw for all your hammering and clawing tasks, and its beautiful brass handle actually conceals four different screwdrivers. even the screwdrivers had you covered: it include two large Philips heads and two smaller straight tips, of which the smallest one is well-suited for mending your spectacles. there you have it. Continue reading GAM Hammer 6-in-1 Claw Hammer

LED and Nixie Ramos Alarm Clock

Ramos Alarm Clock
Ramos Alarm Clock | from US$160.00 |

alarm clocks that are designed to coax you out of your bed are wide and varied but none has tried making you walk up to 50-feet just to shut the alarm up – until now. meet the Ramos Alarm Clock, a beautiful crafted alarm clock that attempts to get you off your cosy bed by making you making a trip to a Defuse Panel to turn off the alarm clock. the Defuse Panel is wireless and can be placed up to 50 feet away anywhere in your house. so in essence, the Ramos makes you leave your lovely bed, walk and stimulate your brain by entering the a code that is generated each time the alarm sounds. the Ramos Alarm Clock is available as the base model LED Ramos, or the slightly funky Nixie Ramos, which uses tested new-old-stock Soviet Union nixie tubes that gives a beautiful warm glowing digits amidst a green back light. Continue reading LED and Nixie Ramos Alarm Clock

Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma base

Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma base
(photos: Hpat) Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma base | US$na |

there are lots of cool stuff that money can buy but there are also some that are out of reach of money even if you have a burgeoning account. the Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma Base is just one of those things in life that you can’t buy with cash but as Instructables’ member, one Patrick Hickey has detailed, you could make one if you put your hands to work. though, such a lamp may not serve any actual lighting purpose but I suppose it should offer some ambience lighting for any retro-inspired décor. conjured up with a mixed of old school cassette tapes and a stock IKEA Hemma base, this awesome looking light can be a reality in your humble abode by mugging around with some screws and hard plastic glues. Continue reading Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma base

bang-bang handle – pistol style door handle

bang-bang handle
(photos: Nikita Kovalev) bang-bang handle | US$tba |

there’s a reason why door knobs are round but in case you belongs to the non-conformist category, you may want to know there are handles other than your regular plain round knobs – like having door handles style after the Soviet pistol. the bang-bang handle is designed by Nikita Kovalev and reportedly made from 9mm Makarov semi-automatic pistol that is said to be a personal weapon of the Soviet and post-Soviet armed forces and law enforcement. details are scant, so we wouldn’t know if the trigger actually will open or close the door. all we know is that it looks terrifically awesome. also, let us assure you that it’s designer, Nikita is not the same trigger-happy Le Femme Nikita, however we suspect they share the same love for the cold steeled weapon. Continue reading bang-bang handle – pistol style door handle

Survival Sewing Kit by Victoria Caswell

Survival Sewing Kit by Victoria Caswell
(photos: Victoria Caswell) Survival Sewing Kit | US$tba |

when Rambo was smashing through the jungle, he could have look more suave if he had a sewing kit with him to mend those torn clothing but those ordinary sewing kits are just too wussy for a macho killing machine like him. what he need is the Survival Sewing Kit, a kit designed for the boy scouts (no pun intended) conceived by one Victoria Caswell. crafted from olive green canvas, the kit resembles a sleeping bag complete with pulls and snaps. basically, it looks so good that it makes a grown man want to pick sewing when he hits the great wilderness. no kidding. unfortunately, it looks like it is not available for us to buy. no seriously, it’s not because we are a man that we can’t buy. just thought we give you a little reassurance. more larger views of this awesome sewing kit after the break. Continue reading Survival Sewing Kit by Victoria Caswell