Here’s an intriguing gadget which we would like to refer to as ‘functional novelty’. Designed by Vadim Kibardin of KIBARDIN Design Studio, Spiritus is an aroma diffuser and an alarm clock. Nobody ever associates the two together, but here it is, a gadget that serves dual purpose, and with a standout aesthetic.

Spiritus Aroma Diffuser & Alarm Clock by KIBARDIN Design Studio

Absolutely digging the burn-wood style enclosure of the Spiritus Aroma Diffuser & Alarm Clock. The glowing red light emanating through the “cracks” further gives the sense of a burning charcoal. Well, a blocky charcoal, in this instance.

As a diffuser, it has a 300 ml (about 10 fl. oz.) water tank and it offers multiple timer for the operations (30/60/120/180 mins. You can any essential oil of your choice.

Spiritus Aroma Diffuser & Alarm Clock by KIBARDIN Design Studio

As an alarm clock, it is, well, an alarm clock. It tells time and rouse you from your sleep in the morning (assuming you are a regular person).

But Spiritus is not just a dual function gadget. The two functions actually has an integration. The Spiritus diffuser has an alarm function welcomes you to a brand new day with “the smell of freshly brewed coffee.”

According to the designer, this mode is designed with those who have trouble waking up in the morning. Not sure if the smell is limited to coffee though.

Spiritus Aroma Diffuser & Alarm Clock by KIBARDIN Design Studio

If you are interested, KIBARDIN Design Studio will be having a pre-sale campaign where you will be able to to secure a unit for an early bird price of US$149 plus tax.

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If you are down, be sure to add it to your wish list on After which, you will be alerted, via email, when it is available to order.

All images courtesy of KIBARDIN Design Studio.

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