No. This isn’t a Zelda edition of the Amazon Echo. Though it will be cool if it was. This is the heart to the Zelda Ocarina Controlled Home Automation by Allen Pan AKA Sufficiently Advanced, and yes, Pan is the same man behind the ‘real’ working Mjolnir hammer and the real-life light saber. As you can see, Zelda Ocarina Controlled Home Automation is not a weapon, though I am sure you can hook it up to unleash your own private army (don’t ask me how, though), or you could just use it to help you achieve more peaceful and mundane tasks like turning on the humidifier, lamps and whatnot, simply by playing the appropriate Legend of Zelda tune.

I know. It sounds totally counterintuitive and it is. It is surely not something you want to do on daily basis. I mean picking up an Ocarina of Time and play Bolero of Fire just to get the heater going? Nah. Too much work. Then again, the whole idea is not about the home automation in itself, but more on how it can be achieved with the help of Internet connected Raspberry Pi, WiFi modules, some wiring and a dose of ingenuity. And also, codings. Lets not forget that.

Like I said, it is not exactly practical, but it sure sounds like tons of fun (though it is not (fun) when anyone can unlock your door with the tune of Zelda’s Lullaby). We have to remind ourselves, it is all in the name of fun and also, Zelda (Legend of Zelda FTW!).

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Skip ahead and see Allen’s latest creation in action.

Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

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