First, he proved that he is the worthy one by being the only person to be able to wield the Mjolnir, now engineer Allen Pan aka Sufficiently Advanced is back with a real working lightsaber. Yup. A real working lightsaber, we said. In reality, we know a lightsaber is not possible, well, at least for now. But that doesn’t stop brilliant minds, including physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, from dreaming up Earthy varieties. While some uses laser, which is incredibly dangerous, to recreate the iconic movie weapon, Allen took the path less taken with a lightsaber that essentially spews flame. Unlike lasers, the ‘blade’ does not extend infinitely. It goes out a few feet out, which makes it more convincing then the infinite laser beam. Though it is no less dangerous.

Real Burning Lightsaber by Allen Pan
You can’t duel with this or deflect lasers, but it is as closer as you can get to the real thing for now

The modified lightsaber hilt is gutted and outfitted with a nichrome ignition, a valve control that also initials the requisite sound effect and a cylinder that is filled with methanol/acetone fuel mixture. Allen’s lightsaber may be spitting out flame, but a flamethrower, it is not – thanks to the butane pumped in, the flame managed to travel out of the nozzle at a pretty amazing straight line, thus recreating the lightsaber effect. The ‘blade’ has no mass and therefore, it won’t be able let you duel like in the movies. But for sure, this is as close as you will ever get to the real thing for now, until Dr. Michio Kaku decided to make his conceptual superheated plasma lightsaber a reality. Keep going for a video of the Real Burning Lightsaber in action.

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Real Burning Lightsaber by Allen Pan
Jedi Pan is popping a couple of Stormtroopers
Real Burning Lightsaber by Allen Pan
Close up of the modified lightsaber hilt

Youtube via UniLad

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